The Enduro Princesses

Sylwia Katana and Ania Kulpa are the founders of Poland's first women's mountain biking program "Enduroprinceski". Inspired by the growing interest in enduro mountain biking in Poland, they decided to create a space dedicated to women and the younger generation.

The Enduro Princesses are not only passionate about two wheels themselves, they want to pass on their knowledge and experience, through training sessions and rides to develop their skills and discover the joy of cycling. We talked with Sylwia and Ania to learn more about their program and why they started Enduroprinceski.

Liv: How did you get into cycling?

Sylwia and Ania: We started our cycling adventure about 14 years ago when we were roommates. In truth, it was our partners who introduced us to the world of cycling. At the time, the mountain bike community was growing rapidly where we lived in Bielsko-Biala, we all knew each other and rode together as a bunch of friends. It was the beginning of the first competitions and the first trips, and the girls who rode enduro bikes could be counted on one hand.

Liv: How did the idea of creating Enduroprinceski come about?

Sylwia and Ania: Inspired by our lives, we decided to share our passion with others - this is how the idea of creating Enduroprinceski was born. A place where women can develop their cycling skills, enjoy riding and meet up with equally passionate female cyclists, to create a supportive community. We believe that cycling can be not only a sport but also a way to make beautiful friendships and create unforgettable memories. That's why we encourage every woman, regardless of age or level, to be inspired by our approach to life - explore your abilities, develop your skills, and enjoy cycling. By sharing the same passion, we can form amazing bonds.

Liv: Why is creating more opportunities for women in cycling important to you?

Sylwia and Ania: When the gravity mountain biking community started to grow about 10 years ago in Poland, we realized how important it was to create initiatives aimed at women; such as training together, going to bike parks, and spending afternoons on local trails -these activities encouraged more women and girls to start biking. In the predominantly male enduro world, it was of paramount importance for us to be able to ride in a larger group of women. We believe that women and girls have their own unique style compared to men, a different way of riding, and perspective towards the sport. And this is exactly what we want to encourage - we will pursue our passion in our style, which is specific to us as women!

Liv: What would you say to a non-cyclist or someone who is just getting into the sport to encourage them?

Sylwia and Ania: Don't be afraid to ask more experienced cyclists for advice or tips and improving your riding technique will contribute to your enjoyment of cycling even more. At Enduroprinceski we always have open hearts and are happy to share our knowledge and experience.

Liv: What kinds of activities do you organize?

Sylwia and Ania: Our offering is diverse. We organize regular cycling classes for children to improve their skills and to promote an active, cycling lifestyle for both boys and girls. Additionally, during the summer holidays, we provide camps for them - which are a real dose of fun and adrenaline. We are proud that our passion for two wheels is being passed on to the next generation. Through our children's cycling classes, we infect young enduro riders with our enthusiasm and love for the sport, providing them the opportunity to discover the joy of cycling and develop their skills from an early age. For our fellow female cyclists, we run group training sessions dedicated to women, where they can exchange experiences, support each other and develop their skills. We also organize individual training sessions, which allow us to tailor even more precisely to the needs and goals of each participant. Our activities do not just end with training, we also organize women's outings to bike parks to enjoy thrilling descents together - we want women to have opportunities to explore new places and experience the adventure of cycling.

Visit the website, Instagram and Facebook for more information about classes, events, and training dates. Join the community and discover the magic of cycling!