Whether you want to meander through the city, try out a new trail, or explore beyond for adventure, the SyncDrive Core motor was designed to get you there! SyncDrive Core is ideal for E-bikes with low step-through frames and offers a natural, unintimidating feeling while riding. SyncDrive Core offers silent performance while delivering power for an extremely comfortable and relaxing E-bike riding experience.

SyncDrive Core motors have Smart Assist Technology, where the sensors determine the power needed while biking. Choose to be in Smart Assist mode, and let Smart Assist Technology determine the best support mode for your ride.

Close up of the SyncDrive Core


You’ll enjoy conversations with riding friends and the soothing sounds of nature during your rides thanks to Yamaha’s latest noise-eliminating technology, which makes this motor extremely silent.


SyncDrive Core motor uses Smart Assist to automatically adjust the mode to match your riding pace, for a relaxing, recreational experience. Developed for a more casual style of riding and terrain, so you can enjoy an efficient, natural-feeling ride and take in the scenery.


SyncDrive Core delivers quiet, smooth support for a calm and easy riding experience. With optimized response time, power delivery, and battery efficiency, you can expect to roll in comfort and with peace of mind.