The premium E-bike display shows you your assistance level with a different colored display for each mode. Monitor your battery capacity and remaining range in each mode to help conserve battery on longer rides. The RideDash Evo will also display your time and distance ridden, current speed and cadence. The unit connects to your phone via the RideControl App, and will display turn-by-turn directions to your destination as you ride, as well as notifications for calls, texts, and email you receive while riding.

Woman using the RideDash Evo


COLOR DISPLAY: Keep track of which mode you’re in with the color-coded screens for each assistance level: Eco, Tour, Active, Sport, Power and Smart Assist.

DATA TRACKING: All of your basic ride data is right at your fingertips and accessible while you ride: time, distance, speed, cadence, battery capacity and remaining range in each assistance level.

NAVIGATION: Input your destination, and the RideDash Evo will display turn-by-turn instructions, estimated arrival time and estimated remaining distance.

PAIR WITH YOUR PHONE: Don’t miss important calls or texts while you’re riding – connect the RideDash Evo to the RideControl App to show incoming call, email and message notification on the screen.