It’s our favorite season

Chase the Daylight Season, Chase the QOM Season, Let Them All Chase You Season.

It’s Race Season, Move Up a Category Season, Cancel All My Meetings It’s Tour de France Femmes Season.

It’s Group Ride Season, Solo Ride Season, Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, Let’s Just Ride Season.

It’s Langma Season. Climb Higher.

Langma Advanced SL Series

Developed for WorldTeam Liv AlUla Jayco, the Langma Advanced SL boasts a race-engineered frameset, delivering the lightest, most aerodynamic, and efficient Langma ever.

Langma Advanced Pro Series

Built for leading the pack and racking up QOMs, the Langma Advanced Pro combines the Advanced-grade carbon frame with the superior Advanced SL-grade carbon fork, offering the perfect mix of lightweight agility and aerodynamic efficiency.

Langma Advanced Series

It may not be the lightest of the Langmas, but it’s just as fierce. With an Advanced-grade carbon frame and fork, coupled with the engineering excellence of the Pro, the Langma Advanced is the perfect all-rounder to make this riding season the best yet.


Langma is a powerful expression of our commitment to women’s cycling.

In 2017, Langma debuted on the world stage and immediately began to mount wins and excitement.

Inspired by the Tibetan name for Mount Everest, the Langma was designed to inspire riders to seek out ever-greater challenges.

By optimizing a woman’s power on the bike, the Langma is leading a movement where women athletes are claiming their place at the start line, on the podium, and in positions of influence across the cycling industry.


Women’s cycling keeps climbing higher.

This summer, we’ll see more women than ever racing at the highest levels of the sport, from Paris Olympic Games to the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift.

More women going for it, from the QOM to the sprint finish.

More women inspiring more women inspiring more women.

This is why we created the Langma. And why we’re always working to make it lighter, faster, more efficient, more powerful.

Because women deserve every opportunity to see just how high they can go.

The newest Langma is the product of every mountain it’s ever climbed.

Every bunch sprint it’s ever battled, every athlete who’s ever tested it and demanded more.

Every massive innovation and marginal gain.

Every dream for the future of women’s cycling.


With more than 25 years of experience in composites engineering, plus a long history of rigorous development and testing with professional athletes, Giant Group is the industry leader in composite bicycle technology. To meet the needs of high-performance riders, Liv offers two grades of composites: Advanced SL and Advanced. Both feature unique materials, resin formulas and construction techniques.


The Langma Advanced SL and Advanced Pro series features the OverDrive Aero steerer tube for improved control and precision. This setup includes the redesigned Giant Contact SLR/SL AeroLight stem and new flared Liv Contact SLR/SL handlebar with internal cable routing. The unified top cap, cables, and spacers create a more aerodynamic and user-friendly setup, offering flexibility in positioning and maintenance access while capturing the benefits associated with integrated componentry.


The Langma range features a blend of seatpost systems tailored for different riding needs. Notably, the Langma Advanced SL series now boasts an integrated seatpost, engineered specifically for road racers. This advanced design reduces weight, improves aerodynamic performance, and enhances road-smoothing compliance. Meanwhile, the Langma Advanced Pro and Advanced series are equipped with a proprietary seatpost design that balances lightweight construction, aerodynamic performance, and compliance, along with easy saddle installation and adjustment.

Langma Has a New Identity: Vitality

Reimaged Tube Shapes

Dynamic Feature Lines

An Unmistakable Personality

Proven Performance

With cutting-edge frame designs and innovative construction techniques, these are the most powerful Langma bikes yet. Dive into our testing methodology and discover the impressive results in weight, stiffness, efficiency, and aerodynamics.

Testing Results


Ride the Peaks

Introducing the Uncia Collection: Inspired by the snow leopard and the spirit of Everest, this set features the Langma Advanced Pro 0 and the Liv Vantage short sleeve jersey. The design echoes mountain imagery with sleek flowing lines, mottled rock textures, and free-flying birds, all brought to life with pearl white and golden luster.

It’s the perfect mix of wild adventure and modern cycling style, designed to elevate your ride.

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At Liv, we’re committed to women-first research and design. But we don’t just build women’s bikes. We’re working to build the sport, at every level, around the world.

When you buy a Liv bike, you’re investing in women.

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