Meet the Intrigue X — the sweetest spot, between short- and long-travel, where everything comes together. From technical to flowy, from gravity to defying gravity, from progression to progression to progression. The Intrigue X is all of it.


Take Your Pick: Carbon or Aluminum?

  • Intrigue X Advanced = Advanced-grade composite frame (aka carbon!)
  • Intrigue X = ALUXX SL-grade aluminum frame

100% for Women

We are committed to women-first research and design. The Intrigue X range features unique frame sizing and component selection for the perfect fit at every size, plus suspension tuned for women, by women.

When you buy an Intrigue X, you’re investing in women.


Paired with 140mm of Maestro rear suspension and 150mm of front suspension, you’ve got the ultimate trail bike that’s efficient on the ups and shreds on the downs.

More about Maestro Suspension

Extra Wheel Options

The Intrigue X offers tailored wheel configurations for each frame size to ensure the best fit and performance.

Frame sizes XS and S are designed with a mullet setup, featuring a 29-inch wheel in the front and a 27.5-inch wheel in the rear. This setup optimizes rear wheel travel, providing a nimble rear end and a fast-rolling, stable front end.

For frame sizes M and L, the bike comes with 29-inch wheels both front and rear, with the option to switch to a 27.5-inch wheel in the rear (sold separately). This configuration offers riders the choice between fast and comfortable or quick and agile riding characteristics.

Extra Storage

Open a latch on the down tube to reveal an internal compartment that contains a water-resistant bag where you can store essential items including an inner tube, CO2 cartridge, tire lever, snacks, or a multi-tool.

Extra Mounts

Underneath the top tube, discover a set of frame mounts to secure a compact gear bag — perfect for must-have tools or snacks.

Vitality Design Identity

Infusing strength and energy into the Intrigue X range.

Innovative Tube Shapes

Designed for a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Dynamic feature lines

Sharp, expressive styling that captures motion.

Bold Personality

A design that celebrates the power and spirit of adventure.