Can’t find a Tour de France Femmes Watch Party near you? Host one!

Five tips on how to host a successful watch party in your community.

Maybe you’ve been to a watch party before—from World Cup football matches to TV show finales, there’s nothing like experiencing significant cultural events with your community in real time. So if you’re ready to share the excitement of the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift, we have some tips for how to host your own watch party.

1. Find a venue and book a date.

  • You can plan your watch party for any day during the eight-stage race, from the Grand Départ on Monday, August 12, to the final mountain stage on Sunday, August 18. Check out the Tour de France Femmes route here.
  • Consider supporting women-owned and/or women-led businesses. If you’re lucky enough to have a women’s sports bar in your community, start there! We’re excited to see places like The Sports Bra and Rough & Tumble popping up in the U.S., but there are plenty of other great venues to be found.
  • Do you have a favorite local pub, café, or bike shop? Of course it’s helpful if they already have TV screens, seating, food and drink available for purchase, but you can also bring in what you need. Bonus if your venue is open to the public so you can also get walk-in attendees—and inspire new women’s cycling fans!

2. Find some enthusiastic co-conspirators.

  • Reach out to local cycling groups, teams, coaches, clubs, and of course, all your community bike shops, and tap into their expertise and energy. 
  • Pitch local sponsors to donate prizes and funds, in exchange for sponsor shout-outs on social and signage.
  • In the spirit of the white jersey, invite young riders to help shape the event with their fresh perspective and ideas.

3. Get the word out.

  • Download our Watch Party poster, then print and post on community bulletin boards.
  • Download our Watch Party image (9x16 and 4x5), then post your event on social using the hashtags #TdFF, #MoreFemmesOnBikes, and #WatchTheFemmes
  • Consider submitting your event info to your local newspapers, magazines, and tourist bureaus. And ask your sponsors and community members to help spread the word, too.

4. Get people excited!

  • Build anticipation on social media, with countdowns, trivia questions and fun facts, updates when you have new sponsors and prizes, and other invitations to your community to get engaged.
  • Get people on bikes! Organize a group ride before the event. Or simply encourage people to ride their bikes to the watch party instead of driving—maybe it earns them VIP bike parking and free raffle tickets. 
  • At the event, keep the energy high, with fun guest speakers, contests and prizes, short sets of live music, and/or themed attire. For example, at one watch party last year, prizes were handed out by a team of girls in yellow berets.

5. Share the love.

  • At your event, assign someone the job of taking photos and videos (on your mobile phone is fine!), so you can inspire the rest of us by posting and tagging @livcycling #MoreFemmesOnBikes #TdFF
  • Thank and tag your sponsors on social media (and at the event) and encourage your community to support them.
  • Follow the athletes, teams, and race organizers on social media, and encourage your community to follow them, too. You can start with Le Tour Femmes and Team Liv AlUla Jayco, and drop some words of encouragement in the comments. Allez, femmes!

Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift

August 12-18, 2024