We put women first. In fact, we invest 100% of our resources into supporting women and creating more opportunities in the sport of cycling. When it comes to our products, we design bikes and gear that optimize fit, performance, and fun on every ride—from the solo work commute to the family weekend adventure, from the technical singletrack to the open road.

Women's Data

We build every bike on the only data that matters to us: women’s. Then we turn those insights into prototypes that are tested and refined by some of the most discerning elite athletes in the world.

Unique frame sizing

Our frame sizes aren’t simply smaller or larger versions of each other. Each size is custom-designed with the ideal geometry for a specific height range and the intended ride experience. The right size and proportions mean better fit, of course, but also improved handling and less fatigue.

Component selection and development

From stems and handlebars to saddles and cranksets, we believe the best components on the bike are the ones you don’t have to think about. So we sweat the details, ensuring that your bike is ready to ride.

Suspension tuning

The suspension tune on each mountain bike is customized for its intended terrain, leveraging what we understand about women’s body position and weight distribution on the bike. From there, our professional riders test and tune the suspension until it’s perfect. These subtle differences translate into maximum traction, control, and confidence.

Gear and apparel

Whether you’re getting started or getting serious, we’ve got you covered, from helmets to jerseys to shoes. We make apparel that fits right, feels good, and looks fast—and gear that’s built for adventure.