Meet Amélie Tauziède

Photographer, Blogger and Sport Enthusiast

Bordeaux, France

What does the perfect day look like for Amélie Tauziède? It starts early. She’s out the door for a jog through the neighborhood just after the sun rises, then jumps on the bike and pedals into town for breakfast.

morning ride on an E-bike

She’ll bring her camera and computer, of course, so she can take a photo whenever inspiration strikes. Whether it’s one of her friend’s wearing the perfect outfit, the breakfast she’s eating at a local cafe, or taking in the sights and culture around Bordeaux, Amélie loves creating content featuring her city and lifestyle. 

When the weather is warm, she’ll end the day paddle boarding with her dog Oslo and boyfriend Nico before heading home to whip up something amazing for dinner. If you’re lucky, you might even get the recipe. You’ll just have to follow her on Instagram.

Amelie Tauziede Instagram food photos

We caught up with Amélie to learn a little bit more about her, including how she got into cycling and why she has recently gone electric

Liv: How did you become a content creator? 

Amélie: I became a content creator by accident. It came to me. My favorite part about what I do is the connection it enables me to have with my community. The relationships I have made are precious to me.

Liv: How long have you lived in Bordeaux? What do you love about the city?

Amélie: I was born in Gironde in Talence and grew up in the countryside. I have lived in Bordeaux since I was 14 years old. Bordeaux is obviously known for wine, but it is also full of history and surrounded by forest, the Garonne River and Atlantic Ocean. I love living in this city because it’s so easy to get around. You can do everything by bike!

Amelie Tauziede taking photos near Bordeaux, France

Liv: How did you get into cycling?

Amélie: My dad was a hobby cyclist when he was younger. I started road cycling as an activity we could do together. It has led to some amazing experiences, from exploring my region, to cycling around Ireland for 7 days and 364 km, and racing triathlons! My boyfriend also rides road and mountain bikes and it’s something we love to do together. 

Liv: When did you start riding an E-bike? How does riding an E-bike fit into your lifestyle? 

Amélie: I rode an E-bike for the first time a few years ago in Innsbruck, Austria. It was a great experience! Having an electric bike is great for where I live in Bordeaux. Even though I am fit and ride on the road regularly, I live in the hills and it makes it difficult to ride for daily commuting and errands. With the Allure E+, I can move faster and easier. Riding an E-bike not only saves time, but energy!

Amelie Tauziede riding the Allure E+ in the evening

Get the Bike

“I just love how this bike looks! It’s super stylish, but also has features that suit my lifestyle – like the rear rack for shopping and fenders to keep my clothes clean after the rain.” 

-Amélie Tauziède

“The Relay helmet is so comfortable, I don’t mind wearing it at all. The ventilation keeps me from getting too hot while commuting or running errands.” 

-Amélie Tauziède