With so much buzz about the incredible benefits and fun an E-bike can provide, it can be hard to raise your hand and ask the simple questions that so many of us have. So, we’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions about women’s electric bicycles below.

What, exactly, is an E-bike?

Our E-bikes are pedal-assist E-bikes. They look just like a regular bike, with pedals and gears, but they also have a motor, a battery, a control unit and provide power assistance while you are pedaling. Unlike E-bikes with a throttle that can be activated without pedaling, our E-bikes provide power assistance only when you're pedaling, also known as pedal-assist.

As you ride, it’s your decision as to the level of assistance the e-bike provides; you have to pedal—but how hard you pedal is all up to you. And just like other bicycles, we design different types of E-bikes to fit the needs of every type of rider.

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What does riding an E-bike feel like?

Imagine you are riding up a hill, and a giant hand is pushing you up the grade, or you have a MASSIVE tailwind. You are still working, but you make it up the hill using less energy, allowing you to ride further, longer and up bigger hills. Pretty Sweet!

How far can I ride on my Liv E-bike?

The range of your E-bike - that is, how long you can ride your E-bike before it needs to be charged - is dependent on a number of factors, including motor type, terrain, carried weight, tire pressure, temperature, support mode, and battery capacity. Be sure to “know before you go” so you don’t get stuck miles from home without a charge! 

We offer three motor types, each with a range dependent on your EnergyPak model and selected support mode.  

SyncDrive Core Range: 40km-240km 

SyncDrive Sport Range: 30km-210km

SyncDrive Pro Range: 30km-190km

Have a ride that is longer than your expected battery life? No problem, you can install an EnergyPak range extender, or carry a second battery, to increase the range of your E-bike.

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How fast can an E-bike go?

The speed of your E-bike depends on how hard you pedal, the mode you are riding in, and is limited by regulations in your country.

While you are pedaling, the E-bike motor will assist you until you reach these maximum speeds. Once you reach these maximums, you can go faster, but your legs will have to do all the work; the motor will no longer provide assistance. Once your speed drops below the maximum speed, the motor assist will resume.

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What makes Liv E-bikes unique?

Just like all bikes we make, our E-bikes are designed for women, by women, with only one priority in mind: bringing women the best fit and performance on the market. By using women’s bike geometry data and then carefully considering the placement and integration of motor and battery, we design E-bikes without sacrificing the fit and comfort that defines the brand. 

We co-developed our E-bike motors with Yamaha, with input from our professional athletes around the world to bring you a natural and powerful ride feel. 

We make pedal-assist E-bikes to fit whatever type of riding you want to experience; E-MTB, E-trekking, E-road, E-commuter, and E-recreational.

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How much do E-bikes weigh?

The weight of Liv E-bikes vary, depending on the model, size, finish, hardware and accessories; and yes, an E-bike is most likely heavier than your traditional bike. However, the weight difference is more than offset with the boost you get from the pedal-assist motor and battery. 

The most accurate way to determine any bike’s weight is to have your local dealer weigh it for you. All our E-bikes are designed for best-in-class weight and ride quality. 

Can E-bikes get wet?

Yes, E-bikes can get wet; feel free to ride in the rain, through puddles and wash your E-bike! All the electric components are highly water-resistant; however they are not waterproof - so here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Always dry your E-bike completely before storing it.
  • When washing your E-bike, do not use a high-pressure washer. This could cause water to enter the electric components, which could cause them to malfunction. 
  • Less is more when it comes to water. Avoid directing water toward the control units, display, motor, battery, suspension, or bearings. If the internal electrical parts are infected with water, the insulator may corrode which leads to power-drain.

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Are E-bikes loud?

Absolutely not! E-bikes are surprisingly quiet. When the pedal-assist motor turns on as you turn the pedals, you will hear a low hum.

Can I still get exercise on an E-bike

You certainly can; and just like any bike, the harder and longer you ride, the more exercise you will get on your E-bike. 

Here are a few hints to get the level of exercise you crave on your E-bike:

  1. Use your E-bike without any support or in Eco mode; and still feel your legs burn.
  2. Ride further and longer; do multiple laps of your favorite after work loop.
  3. Ride with people faster than you, you will have to work to keep up, even with the pedal-assist. 
  4. On your E-bike you are encouraged by the speed/fun factor, and you will be motivated to get out the door and ride longer.
  5. Ride your E-bike to the market, doctor's appointment, or coffee date, rather than driving your car. Even with the pedal-assist, you are getting a whole lot more exercise than sitting behind the wheel.

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How do I buy an E-bike?

To decide what E-bike is right for you, head to your local retailer or check out the whole lineup of Liv E-bikes here.