Experience the difference with the all-new Avail Advanced Range. Through rigorous testing, we've meticulously fine-tuned every detail for optimal endurance road performance. Elevate your cycling experience with the Avail Advanced range: lighter, stiffer, and faster for your journey ahead.

Stiffness was assessed using the protocols established by Germany’s TOUR magazine with size medium framesets. Each new frame was tested with its stock fork, providing the most accurate measure of how the bike performs and ensuring that performance translates to real-world riding.

Our testing determined how much the complete frameset flexed torsionally under load. Each frame was locked at the rear dropouts with lateral force applied to the fork. More frame stiffness means better cornering and response to rider input on the road. One of the key findings is that the flagship Avail Advanced Pro provides up to 19 percent greater transmission stiffness than its top-of-the-line predecessor, the 2023 Avail Advanced Pro.

Increased frame stiffness means better power transmission, enabling the you to reach and maintain higher speeds with less effort. The combination of lower weight and higher stiffness adds up to unrivaled overall efficiency.

ComponentStiffness Type2023 Avail Advanced ProNew Avail Advanced Pro
ForkLateral (N/mm)4767.4
FramePedaling (N/mm)6060
Transmission Stiffness (Lateral Fork and Frame Pedaling)Transmission (N/mm)107127.4
Difference-19% MORE (compared to 2023 Avail Advanced Pro)

For this comparison test, Liv defines a frameset as follows:

  • Size medium, unpainted, production frame
  • Production fork (unpainted, uncut)
  • Headset/expander/top cap
  • Seatpost (seatpost included with frameset)
  • Seat clamp
  • Front and rear derailleur hanger/clamps
  • All production hardware (water bottle bolts, etc.)
2023 Avail Advanced ProNew Avail Advanced ProNew Avail Advanced
Frame930 g855 g855 g
Fork426 g345 g380.5 g
Front Derailleur Hanger16 g16 g16 g
Rear Derailleur Hanger13 g13 g13 g
Expander35.7 g41.4 g41.4 g
Top Cap6 g5.7 g5.7 g
Headset and Spacers76 g98.2 g98.2 g
Total Weight1502.7 g1374.3 g1409.8 g


Difference between 2023 Avail Advanced Pro and New Avail Advanced RangeNew Avail Advanced ProNew Avail Advanced
Frame75 g less75 g less
Fork81 g less45.5 g less
Front Derailleur Hanger0 g0 g
Rear Derailleur Hanger0 g0 g
Expander5.7 g more5.7 g more
Top Cap.3 g less.3 g less
Headset and Spacers22.2 g more22.2 g more
Total Weight128.4 g less92.9 g less

Compared to the 2023 Avail Advanced Pro frameset, the new Avail Advanced Pro saves 128.4 g and is 35.5 g lighter than the new Avail Advanced. Furthermore, the new Avail Advanced frameset weighs 92.9 grams less than the 2023 Avail Advanced Pro.

While improving stiffness and increasing compliance, the new Avail Advanced range also significantly boosts its overall efficiency (stiffness-to-weight) ratio.

Feature2023 Avail Advanced ProNew Avail Advanced ProNew Avail Advanced
Transmission Stiffness*107 N/mm127.4 N/mm122 N/mm
Frameset Weight1.5027 kg1.3743 kg1.4098 kg
Stiffness-to-Weight Ratio71.21 N/mm/kg92.70 N/mm/kg86.54 N/mm/kg

*(Lateral fork and frame pedaling)


Difference between 2023 Avail Advanced Pro and new Avail Advanced range

Results2023 Avail Advanced ProNew Avail Advanced ProNew Avail Advanced
Stiffness-to-Weight Ratio71.21 N/mm/kg30.18% More efficient21.53% More Efficient