Get to know Anita

The Hail Advanced

When I was young there didn't exist any role models for what I wanted to do - I had never ever seen or heard of a professional downhill mountain biker of my ethnicity! There is a point where you look around and realize someone has to go first and break those barriers and that someone is going to have to be you.

Being the first rider of East Indian descent to compete on the global stage as well as one of the very few dark skinned women is a huge privilege that also comes with a responsibility to the next generation. Joining the Liv Global Team is an opportunity that means throwing the doors open for those who come after so that they may fulfill a higher purpose than the status quo. By combining racing & coaching with humanitarian & social advocacy I hope to inspire that we can match our self interest to the world’s deepest needs and fight for not just for our place in the world but for the place of others. It’s an honour to use my role on the team to champion that altruism can fit into any dream - as athletes and beyond.

My backyard of the Sea to Sky Area, BC, Canada – every kind of trail you can possibly imagine minutes from your door!

Take up space! The word amateur derived from “One who loves". You don’t need to ride at a pro level to think of yourself as a biker - all you need is enthusiasm. Don’t apologize for being slow or chastise yourself for walking away from trail features. The gift we bring to sports is determined not by ability but by passion.

Do not be a docile member of your generation - be a revolutionary!