A seasoned professional long-distance mountain bike racer (who also sometimes races cyclocross, enduro, XC, gravel races, etc), Kaysee joined the Trail Squad as part of Liv's pro team alongside Serena Bishop Gordon to complete the 2018 Absa Cape Epic. Liv's pro team acts as mentors to the rest of the Squad while training and racing for this epic challenge. 


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TeamTrail Squad
BirthdateJune 9, 1990
HometownKnoxville, TN
SpecialtyEndurance Mountain Biking
What is your biggest achievement?

When one of my NICA kids said I was their hero. 

In Racing: When I swept collegiate nationals with 5 national titles in 2 days. 

What is your goal for 2018?

To race at the top level with the fastest women out there, all while getting to travel to new parts of the world! 

Why do you love cycling?

It lets me be the truest me: Strong, adventure enthusiast, peaceful, and endorphin junky! It also allows me to be surrounded by the best people out there. Nothing beats a good bike community/family!

What do you love about Liv?

I love what the brand stands for because there's really nothing more rewarding than seeing a woman or girl get on a bike they love and feel strong and powerful! Also, the bikes are a HUGE PERK... I LOVE them! 

What is one item you would never leave home without?

Easy answer, cookies! The real answer, phone! My parents are still tracking me down and worried if I'm ok because I tend to get too carried away in the woods! 

If you could learn a new sport or skill this year, what would it be?

I've gone from swimming to cheerleading, to snowboarding, to whitewater kayaking, and now mountain biking so it's hard to say what will strike my interest next! I'm thinking running for fun though would be handy. 

What is your favorite place to travel?

So far South America has been the most fun for me.  

What is your favorite food? 

The fact that I eat at least 3 pints or more of yogurt a week and never get tired of it makes me think that's the most honest answer. 

Who is your favorite riding partner?

Riding with other tough chicks is always an inspiration, but also I really just like riding with anyone that enjoys riding bikes.

How do you spend your time off the bike?

With my dog/best friend, Dale, hiking. Also, I'm a full-time accountant, so that keeps me pretty busy!! 

What do you want to be "when you grow up"?

I feel like I've been asked this question since I was 3, and I'm way cooler now than I wanted to be at 3. Hopefully, I keep that trend up.

 Words you live by...

Try to be wreckLESS.

Smooth is fast.

You're only as strong as you make your mind up to be.

Giving up always sucks much worse later.