Bikepacker, outdoorsman, and community bridge builder are the roles I roll into every week. For the last several years Colorado has been my home, workplace, and playspace as I've facilitated outdoor trips, community gatherings, and self-supported adventures.

TeamThe Black Foxes
What is the main cycling discipline you ride/race?


Favorite Liv or Giant bike?

The Giant Revolt

How did you get into cycling?


Why is the Black Foxes' mission important to you?

I want other Black cyclist to feel less alone out there.

Where is your favorite place to ride?

Sub-alpine single and two track

You’re on a road trip to your favorite riding spot. Are you listening to a podcast or music? What’s on your playlist?

Dreamville, Tupac Shakur, SZA, Chance the Rapper

If you could choose a person to ride with (anywhere in the world, living or not living), who would it be?

Closest friends

What would you say to a non-cyclist or someone who is just getting into the sport to encourage them?

Go slow to go fast.

Do you have a favorite cycling tip to share?

Hydrate and/or eat before you're thirsty and/or hungry.

Words you live by...

You are where you are suppose to be.