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Meet Allysa

Allysa is known for her competitiveness and determination, a mindset that has enabled her to break barrier after barrier as she achieves her goals. After winning the Paratriathlon World Championships two years in a row, Allysa realized a dream in September 2016 by winning gold at the Paralympics in Rio. It was the first time triathlon was offered as a Paralympic event.

In 2010, Allysa was diagnosed with Chiari II malformation, basilar invagination and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a combination of brain, spinal and connectivity disorders. As soon as she was diagnosed, Allysa went through brain and spinal surgery to stop her condition from progressing. Although she fought her way back to participate in collegiate triathlon nationals just a few months after surgery, three years later complications from Allysa’s condition resulted in her left leg being amputated below the knee.

In addition to the loss of her limb, Allysa suffers from muscle weakness and imbalance, chronic pain, autonomic nervous system issues and other complications due to her condition. She was told she would be lucky if she ever walked unaided again – but Allysa doesn’t make excuses. Instead, she used everyone’s doubt as fuel to motivate her to become what she is today – an athlete at the top of her sport.

To Allysa, rare diseases are no handicap. Currently, Allysa is a full-time athlete who trains 7 days a week. She is a daughter, a sister, a caretaker of two dogs, a dance instructor, a training partner, and a friend to many.

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TeamLiv Racing
BirthdateJanuary 4, 1989

Glendale, AZ, USA



What is your goal for 2020?

Qualify for Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, World Championship Gold, Undefeated Season

Do you have another job outside of racing?

Prior to becoming a professional I worked in Child Life at Phoenix Children's Hospital. In my off time from training and racing I do educational and motivational speaking.

What do you love about cycling?

I love the cycling because, it gets me outside and enjoying nature, it has taken me so many places all over the world and I have had the opportunity to meet friends across the globe and learn about different cultures and how cycling fits into each and everyone.

Why do you love riding for Liv?

I love riding for Liv because of the mission to get more women riding and the motivation it provides by showing females from all walks of life, spanning the globe enjoying my same passion.

What is your favorite place to travel?

My favorite place to travel thus far has been Northern Ireland the riding is amazing and the Giant's Causeway was breathtaking.

What is your favorite food?


Who is (are) your favorite riding partner(s)?

My teammates.

"When I'm not riding my bike, I'm ______!"

Playing with my two (furry) best friends, Bentley and Mowgli.

What are the top 3 things on your bucket list?
  1. See the the Northern Lights
  2. Cycle Route 66
  3. Go to Africa and see all of the wildlife
Words you live by...

This is what dreams are made of.