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Liv Partners with Champion Triathlete Lesley Paterson


3-Time Off-Road Triathlon World Champion Targets 2017 XTERRA Series with Liv  

Liv Cycling has announced a partnership with multi-time off-road triathlon world champion, Lesley Paterson for the 2017 race season. With professional success spanning the spectrum from national running championships to professional mountain bike races, Paterson has most recently cemented herself as a dominant force in off-road triathlon. In her 2016 season alone, Lesley won four international XTERRA races, while finishing second at the world championships in Maui, Hawaii. 

Best known for her racing success in triathlon, as a motivational speaker, author, coach and founder of the Be Brave Project, Lesley personifies the Liv brand mission as she draws from her personal experience to help athletes—especially young women—reach their potential. “I'm really huge on female empowerment and encouraging young girls into the sport and so the Liv brand appeals to me on that level,” Paterson said.

Lesley proved from a young age to have the physical talent and mental determination which would shape her eventual career. Growing up in Scotland, her first venture into sport came in the form of rugby—competing as the sole female on an all-boys team. At age 14, when she became too old for the rugby squad, her father suggested triathlon as an alternative outlet for her athletic drive. Quickly falling in love with the sport, she became the Scottish Youth Champion before going on to compete in the World Junior Championships.

After stepping away from the sport for a five-year period due to injury and pursuit of her creative passions in film, Lesley’s competitive drive was again ignited when she discovered off-road triathlon. Combining the familiar physical challenge of triathlon competition with the new element of racing in the dirt, she welcomed the new challenge wholeheartedly. “It's gritty and full of challenges! It's you against the terrain rather than your competitors,” Paterson offered.

In 2017, Lesley will race on the Liv Obsess Advanced and Pique Advanced off-road models, while utilizing the Envie Advanced Pro on the road. She will also rely on to Liv’s performance rider gear, including the Liv Rev helmet and Tesca Carbon Sole Off-Road Shoe.

With three off-road World Championships and numerous international wins behind her, Lesley is looking to the 2017 season with big goals in and out of racing. In addition to competing in the Xterra Pan Am Series and World Championships, the release of her new book The Brave Athlete and her charity, the Be Brave Campaign, will ensure an action-packed year for Liv’s newest athlete. “It's so amazing to have a sponsor that gets who you are and really wants to support you on and off the field.”

Monday, February 6, 2017