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Hail and Pique Reign Supreme as First Ride Reviews Pour In!


What happens when 20 key editors and contributors join Liv ambassadors and employees for a few glorious days in sunny Sedona, Arizona to check out the trails and experience the 2017 Pique and Hail full suspension mountain bikes? A whole lot of fun. The Sedona red rock proved the perfect testing grounds for both the agile and able Pique XC/trail bike and the 160 mm travel enduro-ready Hail.

As the reviews pour in from on-line media, it is apparent the Hail and Pique with updated Maestro rear suspension system and aggressive women’s-specific geometry offered a ride that both the journalists and Liv ambassadors would not forget.

Reporting on the Pique Advanced 1, Bicycling Magazine’s gear editor Gloria Liu, wrote: “With its unique mix of light weight, more travel, and smaller wheels, and being offered down to $2,375 for the aluminum Pique 3 as well as in the more descent-capable SX versions; this bike is a great option for an everyday trail bike, with good parts, for a lot of riders, even if you don’t race cross-country.”

Following her ride on the top-of-the-line Hail Advanced 0, Rachelle Frazer of wrote: “As we rallied down Slim Shady, a fairly fast flowing trail with a couple of rock gardens thrown in for good measure, I got those few important glimpses of how this bike really behaves. As I pushed the bike through its travel the phrase 'stable yet playful' came to mind.”

But, what many of the visiting journalists from all over the world noticed was something more than just a bike. With the help of Liv’s outgoing ambassadors and mountain bike skills coaches Leigh Donovan and Lindsey Richter (Voreis) and the Liv team, these editors, contributors and mountain bike lovers got a glimpse of the passion that drives the first comprehensive women’s-specific bike brand. Lacy Kemp with Bike Magazine sums her experience getting to know the women behind Liv: " Liv’s brand story is focused around bringing more women into the sport and making biking more approachable. But the unscripted story lies in the passion the employees and athletes feel for riding and their commitment to empower other women to join the tribe. And while, of course, the folks at Liv want you to ride their latest and greatest machines, what they really want is for you to feel the magic of the bike and how it can be so much more than just a machine.”

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Monday, January 2, 2017