Bicycling Magazine Names the Intrigue X Advanced E+ Elite in the Best Bike Awards of 2023

Wednesday, April 12, 2023


The new Intrigue X Advanced E+ Elite Is Touted as One of the Year’s Most Exciting Bikes and Named in Bicycling Magazine’s Best Mountain Bikes of 2023!

Bicycling Magazine unveiled the Best Bike Awards for 2023. Choosing from hundreds of bikes available and labeling selections as the most exciting new bikes, the Intrigue X Advanced E+ Elite was named in the Best Mountain Bike category. After extensive research and testing, the Bicycling Magazine team analyzed each bike and reviewed them for price, features, and how each bike solves a rider's needs.

Amongst the other bikes in the Best Mountain Bike category, the Intrigue X Advanced E+ Elite stands out as the only bike designed for women. It also held its place within a selection of other e-MTB's and analog bikes alike, proving that this capable e-bike seamlessly fits in as one of the best for "slaying singletrack, ripping bike parks and trail riding" according to Bicycling Magazine.

In the in-depth review, (link) Bicycling Magazine's Rosael Torres Davis was impressed by the lighter weight, power, and look of the Intrigue X Advanced E+ Elite. "Not only did Liv make a significantly lighter, more powerful, and virtually standard-looking electric mountain bike, but the integration of the features looks, feels, and works seamlessly. It is a clean-looking bike with sleek and user-friendly qualities that provide a top-notch experience."

Torres Davies noted, "The best part is the battery's small size, which allowed Liv to significantly slim down the bike's downtube.Typically, I wouldn't think of e-bike batteries as exciting. But considering how much weight Liv shed from their previous generation model, it's noteworthy. Six batteries make up the Energypak 400 (the 22,700-cell battery developed with Panasonic), each individually wrapped in an individual chassis."

After reviewing and testing the bike in South Western Utah, Torres Davis revealed her riding impression, "The Intrigue X Advanced E+ Elite has a great motor, so climbing is a non-issue unless you run out of battery power. And the mullet setup lowers your center of mass to make descending feel more confident. The bike is 15 lbs lighter than its previous version, making it significantly easier to load in and out of a car, and if you must hike a bike, the Walk Assist is there to save you."

Torres Davis goes on to say, "I was amazed by how much ground I covered in those two days of testing in southwest Utah. Trail features with which I was not familiar—say, a deep sandpit at the bottom of a descent followed by a punchy little climb—I rode on the first try. And then go at it again and do it better, faster, and with more thrill." Rosael adds, "The ability to make the most out of your available riding time provides a great boost in confidence. It also gives a feeling of productivity when it comes to skill development—or just having the most amount of fun."

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