Want to see the Tour de France Femmes—and more events like it?

Five ways we can help grow women’s sports right now.

Women’s sports are having a moment—but what if we could make it a movement? Together, we can! In fact, the more we fans show our support, the more we attract media coverage and sponsor investment—and that means women athletes can earn enough to train and compete at the highest levels. And there are things we can do right now to support women and girls in sports, starting with the Tour de France Femmes.

1. Watch in France.

  • Decide which stages you’d like to see, from the Grand Départ on Monday, August 12 to the Alpe D'Huez on Sunday, August 18. 
  • Book your flights and hotels, and then make arrangements for how you’ll move between towns, whether car, car-share, motorcycle, or bicycle. Find more tips here.
  • Show your support! Dress up, wave signs or flags, cheer for the femmes, and post about it all on social media, tagging #TdFF and #MoreFemmesOnBikes.

2. Watch from home.

  • Find your local broadcaster here and catch 2.5 hours of live race coverage each day. Or look for free highlights at the official Tour de France Youtube page.
  • Share the excitement with fellow femmes fans at a community watch party. Better still: ride your bike there. 
  • Can’t find a local Tour de France Femmes watch party? Host one! Or try a virtual watch party using an app like Scener.

3. Support the athletes.

  • Follow the athletes, teams, and race organizers on social media, and encourage your community to follow them, too. You can start with Liv AlUla Jayco, and Le Tour Femmes, and then discover your favorite riders from there.
  • Support the organizations that support the athletes, like The Cyclists Alliance—run by former and current pros and providing holistic support to female cyclists during and after their careers.

4. Talk it up.

  • Bring a friend or ten to the events, along for a ride, and into the community. 
  • Get your women’s sports news from women’s sports media! For starters, check out The Gist, HighlightHER, Just Women’s Sports, Togethxr, Voxwomen, and Women’s Sports Network.
  • Share the stories that moved you and join the global conversation by tagging #TdFF and #MoreFemmesOnBikes. 
  • Make it even more fun to talk about, with our primer on how to speak Tour de France Femmes.

5. Ride like a pro.

  • Try a local race or group ride and experience the thrill of the peloton. Then inspire the rest of us by posting and tagging @livcycling #MoreFemmesOnBikes #TdFF.
  • Register for the Zwift Watch the Femmes Mission, modeled after the races of the real-life tour. 
  • Ride the same bikes raced by our WorldTour team, the Liv Langma and the EnviLiv.
  • Just ride! Any bike, any time, anywhere. And let’s get #MoreFemmesOnBikes—starting with you.

Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift

August 12-18, 2024