Triathlon Training Apps

Triathlon training? There’s an app for that.

My phone is filled with everything from daily fitness apps to those for running, biking and swimming. I’m so excited to share some of my favorite apps made just for triathletes! Check them out: 


First Time TriThe App: 1st Time Tri1st Time Tri is written by a triathlon coach and former triathlete. It provides a personalized 12-week plan to prepare you for your triathlon.

Why I Love It: I really like this app because it is a detailed plan that incorporates swimming, biking and running into your daily workouts without getting overwhelming. There’s a glossary filled with tri terms, tips for training and notes on nutrition, transitions and what to expect on race day! What more could you ask for?

Cost: $5.99

Availability: iPhone and Android


 Training PeaksThe App: Training PeaksThis app has its own calendar to track your swims, rides and runs. You can track your progress with the Performance Management Chart.

Why I Love It: This app works well for me because you can plan training sessions right from your phone. I’m always on the move from work to working out, so it’s perfect to plan for upcoming training sessions.

Cost: FREE

Availability: iPhone and Android




Swim RadarThe App: Swim RadarThis app shows you places to swim that are near you. It lists addresses, websites, phone numbers and it even gives you details on the length of the pool. This would be perfect for traveling!

Why I Love It: I don’t travel a lot, but I’ve been known to make excuses for not being able to swim on certain nights. Knowing I have a ton of pools nearby helps me get my swims in.

Cost: $2.99

Availability: iPhone and coming soon to Android




Go SwimThe App: Go Swim LiteThere are tons of photos and videos in the app to help you figure out the perfect stroke.

Why I Love It: I’m new to swimming, especially in a competitive atmosphere. This has helped me focus on my movement rather than my speed, which has helped me with my body and breathing in the water.

Cost: FREE

Availability: iPhone and Android


Bike DocThe App: Bike DoctorBike Doctor is an on-the-go mechanic. It helps you diagnose and resolve any issues with your bike.

Why I Love It: Although I haven’t had a breakdown yet, it’s nice to know that you’ll be prepared if something goes wrong while you’re out on a ride.

Cost: $4.99

Availability: iPhone and Android




Tri EssentialThe App: Tri EssentialTri Essential is filled with the daily inspiration you need to motivate you before your workouts.

Why I Love It: I’m a huge quoteaholic, and this app has a ton of pictures and quotes to keep me motivated and dedicated to my workout schedule, especially on those brick workout days.

Cost: FREE

Availability: iPhone