Top 5 pieces of Bike Gear for Triathletes

Cycling Gear I Cannot Go Without

When it comes to training and competition, there are some important pieces of equipment I just cannot go without. This gear makes me more efficient and competitive, but it also makes training more enjoyable and comfortable.

Here are my top 5 cycling accessories for triathlon: 

Triathlete Gear

1. The Perfect Clipless Shoes—

Liv Mova Road Shoe

Why I love it: I just cannot ride without them! They are comfortable and I am always receiving plenty of compliments on them from other women. Match these shoes up with the Liv Race Day Socks and you will look so slick!

2. Training Kit—

Liv Signature Line (JerseyBibsGloves)

Why I love it: This is the only kit I recommend for cycling. For the long hours I put in on the bike while training, the Liv kit is comfortable and the designs are very flattering for women, which is rare for Lycra. Plus, I just love the way it looks with the Avow! Want to wear it on race day too? No problem, there’s a Signature Tri Suit, too.

3. Heart Rate Monitor—


Why I love it: It is a must for me and my coach. I never leave home without my heart rate monitor, regardless of whether it’s a tough or easy training ride. It is important for monitoring the effectiveness of my training and managing fatigue and recovery. The ability to connect my HRM, watch and my phone with blue tooth makes this a must-have!

4. Training Helmet—

Liv Rev

Why I love it: A good helmet is definitely a necessity. While I have a TT helmet for racing, most of my time on the bike is spent training. My Liv Rev helmet fits like a glove with the adjustable sizer at the back so you can pull you hair through for a perfect fit. It also matches most of the Liv kits, which is even more important!

5. Sunscreen—

Milk & Co Sports Moisturizer

Why I love it: Sunscreen is a must for both training and racing. I love that Milk & Co is an Australian company. I feel like they make products that can handle the Australian heat and a long day in the saddle.

In addition to the gear, don’t ever leave home without being prepared for your training. This can be the difference between an enjoyable, worthwhile training session and a total failure. Water, spare tubes, tools, and your mobile phone are just some of the necessities (learn more about what to bring with you on a ride BY CLICKING HERE). I also always bring some cash for a good coffee after my ride. It's a must! All these things mean you are independent, know what you are doing and ready for anything!Cycling Accessories for Triathletes

-Renee Baker, Professional Triathlete