The Tri Tribe’s Favorite Workout Fuel

Best Fuel for Before, During and After Training or Races

One of the best parts about training for a race is getting to eat more, right? Food can be awesome motivation, but it is important to fuel the right way so you don’t undo all your hard work on the bike or in the gym. But hey, that doesn’t mean you can’t grab that crave-able burrito after a 3-hour ride! Our TRIbe gives you their favorite pre workout meals, bike snacks and recovery tips.

 Workout Fuel

Adrienne Smith

Pre Workout Go-tos: Almost every morning I fuel up with 16 oz glass of water, coffee and a Carob Chip Perfect Bar:  

I can eat these at almost any time of the day and not have tummy issues for later workouts. If it’s going to be a LONG ride, I pile on the oatmeal instead. I always eat at least an hour before I’m going to head out.   

Favorite Post Training Fuel: Food: Breakfast burritos from a local favorite, Super Cucas Recovery Drink: Physiophyx. I know the guys who make it – they are local Santa Barbarians who have worked diligently to make a science-backed recovery drink!

During workout drink: Whatever they have on the race course is what I use for my fluid – that  way I don’t have to worry about carrying things with me on the course. It makes preparing, traveling and racing SIMPLE!    

Long workout eats: I like to have some sort of solids during longer training sessions on the bike. If I get to the point where I’m hungry, it’s almost too late and I’ll spend the rest of a ride hungry. So, typically I will eat some sort of bar about an hour into a long ride (3 hours or more). My go-tos are Lara Bars (any flavors) or a good ole almond butter sandwich cut into quarters like mom used to do to make it easy for on-the-go eating.  


Tricia Speidel

Fueling is an essential part of training and racing. In order for your body to perform hours on end, you need to intake at least 100-150 calories/hour depending on threshold. I recommend taking in the fuel during your training that you intend on using during your race.

Pre Workout: At least 2 hours before any endurance training or race, I eat about 400 calories. My favorite pre meal includes whole grain toast with almond butter, fresh green smoothie, and coconut water. Having a good mix of protein and easily digestible carbohydrates will ensure digestion before and availability during your workout.

During Workout: During the workout my favorite quick energy gel is Hammer Nutrition Gel (anything of the fruit variety). For the longer training days when caffeine is needed, I tolerate natural caffeine from Stinger Energy Chews the best. The source of caffeine is organic white tea and honey, which sits well on my sensitive stomach.

On the bike is where I take in a solid source of fuel. The best organic, natural energy bars for me are Lara Bars. They have a smooth texture, are gluten free and easily digestible. There are many tasty flavors, my favorite is Blueberry Pie.

Post Workout: Rehydrating with water alone is not enough. Our bodies need electrolytes to hydrate properly. My favorite electrolyte replacement is Ultima Replenisher, tart cherry.


Taylor StausFor me, training and race energy starts the night before in the kitchen. Eating a good evening meal gets me ready to work out the next day! I feel the best when I balance my protein (chicken or steak) with a carb (brown or white rice, sweet or white potatoes) and something green (spinach, broccoli or asparagus)

Pre Workout: Before my workouts I usually need a little pick-me-up. I reach for C4 and mix it with my water for a little energy boost. Adding a little protein before a workout is always a good idea, too. I like eggs or almonds.

Long Effort: Lots of water! When I am out for a long bike ride, I make sure there are spots along the way where I can refill my water bottle. I also like some electrolytes during my long efforts. Nuun Tabs are great to add to a water bottle and they come in tons of awesome flavors. Gummies are also easy to stuff in a jersey pocket for a quick snack along the way. I prefer Clif Bloks.

Recovery: After hard rides or workouts, I make sure to rehydrate with enough water. I’ll also grab a protein shake, because typically I don’t feel like eating anything super heavy after training.