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Off Camber Trail | Intermediate MTB Skill Guide with Leigh Donovan

The term “off camber” refers to a trail that is sloped away from the direction you would like to travel. Riding these types of trails and turns can be tricky and requires proper body and pedal placement to stay balanced. Here are Leigh’s tips for riding off camber trail:

  1. When entering an off camber section of trail, make sure you maintain your focus on the “next” and do not fixate on what is happening “now”.
  2. Use the bike/body separation technique to lean the bike toward the upslope of the trail.
  3. Your body should be upright, while your bike is leaning uphill.
  4. Minimize hard braking and use brakes only to control or maintain speed. Stopping your wheels from moving will enable them to slide out from underneath you.
  5. Practice makes perfect! It takes time to train yourself to lean the bike, not your body in the direction you want to go. 

Want to learn the basics? Click below for Leigh's beginner mountain biking tips! 

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