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MTB Jumping | Intermediate MTB Skill Guide with Leigh Donovan

Jumping your mountain bike can be super fun, but it also takes an advanced skill set. Start by learning the bunny hop technique from Leigh’s MTB 101 skills series. Once you have the bunny hop down, following Leigh’s tips for learning to jump will be a piece of cake:

  1. Start small to dial in the speed necessary to clear the jump.
  2. As you enter the face of the jump, press your feet into the pedals and load your weight into the bike as you hit the transition (or the area that transitions from flat ground to the lip of the jump).
  3. As you approach the lip, guide your front wheel into the air by extending your body upward, unweighting the front wheel.
  4. Once in the air, you will fully extend and allow your bike to come up underneath you while you spot your landing.
  5. On the landing, place your front and rear wheels on the ground and absorb impact by bending your arms and knees and landing in the center of the bike. 

Want to learn the basics? Click below for Leigh's beginner mountain biking tips! 

MTB 101

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