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201 Mountain Bike Skills

Are you looking forward to progressing your mountain bike skills and trying your hand at jumping, downhill cornering and riding rock gardens? Developing your skills on a mountain bike is fun, confidence-inspiring and allows you to ride more awesome trail!

Liv is proud to support athlete ambassadors all around the world who are also amazing MTB Skills coaches. These women strive to grow the women’s MTB community and get more ladies out there having fun on technical trails.

Leigh Donovan is not only a downhill mountain bike world champion, BMX and MTB hall of famer; she is also a professional MTB Skills coach, teaching clinics across the United States with her company I Choose Bikes. Leigh has already helped us learn the basic mountain bike skills in her Mountain Bike Skills 101 Videos. The fundamentals build the foundation for more advanced skills, which she now wants to share with you! Check out Leigh’s latest videos below.


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