How to Remove and Replace a Liv E-bike Battery

Simple Steps for Removal and Installation of a Liv EnergyPak Battery

If you’re new to riding E-bikes, removing your EnergyPak battery when it’s time to charge or store it can take some getting used to. Learn how to remove your battery and place it back in the bike when it’s time to ride:

Removing the EnergyPak Battery

  1. Insert the key that comes with your E-bike into the keyhole on the EnergyPak battery. Place your hand under the battery (for Downtube EnergyPaks) and turn the key to unlock the battery.
  2. While the key is turned to the “unlock” position, use your thumb to disengage the battery from the bike.
  3. Allow the battery to move down and carefully remove it from the frame.

Replacing the EnergyPak Battery

  1. Load the battery into the frame, bottom first (near the SyncDrive Motor/ cranks).
  2. Ensure the connecters are aligned in the frame.
  3. Lift the battery up into the frame until it locks in place.
  4. Turn the key to the “lock” position and remove the key.