How to Jump

Unlock New Skills: MTB Jumping

Jumping your mountain bike can be super fun, but it also takes an advanced skill set. Start by learning the bunny hop technique from our MTB 101 skills series. Once you have the bunny hop down, following these tips for learning to jump!

Looking to take your mountain biking skills to the next level? Here’s the deal:

The best and quickest way to improve your mountain biking skills is to take a skills clinic with a professional mountain bike instructor. If you’re unsure of your skill level, reaching out to a mountain bike coach in your area is a great place to start. Mountain biking is a dynamic sport – there are many different ways to approach a feature and we may not have covered all of those different ways in this tutorial. Always ride within your limits and do not attempt risky maneuvers when riding alone. Mountain biking is awesome, but does come with inherent risks – be safe, be smart and have fun!

Want to learn the basics? Click below for beginner mountain biking tips!