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Give the Gift of Cycling

Giving the gift of cycling isn’t always about what you can give to your loved ones. There are so many people in the world who are not fortunate enough to have a bicycle, who are not lucky enough to have their health to ride a bike or who do not have any mode of transportation to get to school or work. We are thankful for the work of amazing bicycle-related charities who use cycling as a way to raise funds and give bikes to those who are in need. So, when you are thinking about a gift to give to your favorite cyclist, maybe the best gift would be a donation in their name to one of these awesome organizations.


World Bicycle Relief

A staggering 29 million girls around the world cannot or do not attend secondary school. A leading reason behind this shocking statistic is simple: lack of transportation.

Many girls growing up in rural Africa have a lot on their shoulders. They awake early in the morning to complete household chores (spending 40% more time on these duties than boys); the walk to school is long, about 10 km on average, so when these girls get to school they are already tired and unable to learn; they face the threat of violence, often on that walk to school; and they are burdened with inequality, being told from a young age that they are not as important as their brothers.

World Bicycle Relief is giving these girls a way forward with the help of a bicycle. A simple Buffalo Bicycle* gives them transportation, energy and hope for a better future.

You can make a difference by donating bicycles, tools or wheels. And, if you donate now, your gift will be matched 1:1**.

World Bicycle Relief’s mission: “World Bicycle Relief is mobilizing people through the Power of Bicycles. We envision a world where distance is no longer a barrier to education, healthcare and economic opportunity.”

*Giant Bicycles manufactures the Buffalo Bicycle, collaborating with World Bicycle Relief for product development and logistics.

**All donations up to $1.5 million will be matched thanks to the generous support of a small group of private donors.


People for Bikes

People for Bikes are kind of just that… they are a group of people that love bikes. But more than that, they advocate for bikes! To do that, People for Bikes work to unite individual riders, businesses, community leaders, and elected officials to create a voice for cycling and all of its benefits.

The projects that People for Bikes work on range widely from generating protected bike lanes with their Green Lane Project (creating 320 protected bike lanes in 98 cities) to urban bike parks funded by their Community Grant Program.

People for Bikes are doing big things. So, JOIN the movement and add your name in support of better bicycling (it’s FREE). Or, you can DONATE to help build more awesome bike lanes, facilities and safe places to ride!


Young Survival Coalition

Young Survival Coalition offers a community for young women diagnosed with breast cancer. From hosting conferences to providing resources, YSC’s goal is to make sure no young woman faces breast cancer alone. Donating to YSC ensures that the organization can continue to provide these essential programs and resources.  

Liv is a proud supporter of the Young Survival Coalition’s Tour De Pink, a three-day, 200 mile charity ride to support young women affected by cancer. There are three rides across the US, where survivors can conquer a physical challenge and prove something to themselves while raising money for the YSC.

YSC is a US-based charity organization whose online database aims to help any woman navigating the disease of breast cancer. 



What is IMBA? The International Mountain Bicycling Association is a non-profit educational association whose mission is: “To create, enhance and preserve great mountain biking experiences.”

Where ever you are, there is likely to be an IMBA chapter or club close by. These groups, along with IMBA staff, are making mountain biking better for riders all over the world by providing a voice for trails, advocating for more mtb access, building awesome trails, and teaching responsible trail-building practices.

So, if you know an avid mountain biker (or are one yourself), joining your local IMBA chapter, donate to help IMBA build new places to ride and protect the trails you have, or shop their e-store and grab yourself or a loved one some cool swag (all the proceeds go straight to the trails)!

Imba is a worldwide organization, so you are likely to find a club or group right where you are on IMBA International


Now get out there and GET GIVING! 

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