Get the Look: Bike Yoga

Style Guide for the On-the-Go Yogi

Cycling and yoga goes together like peanut butter and jelly. Tight bike-riding muscles are in constant need of a little TLC and yoga can do the trick! (In fact, you can check out our stretching for cyclists tips here!)

So, why not take it one step further and ride your bike to your next yoga class? Here is a little inspiration…

Yoga Style Guide: Civita Helmet

Yoga Style Guide: Vera Bra

Yoga Style Guide: Izzy Tights

Yoga Style Guide: Izzy Hoodie

Yoga Style Guide: Izzy Collection

Yoga Style Guide: BeLiv

Yoga Style Guide: Izzy Hoodie

Yoga Style Guide: BeLiv

How to Wear It

Riding your bike to yoga class takes a little bit of planning, but with the right bike, apparel and gear will get you on your way.

  • Comfort is key! Even short rides to the studio can benefit from a little padding “down there.” It’s hard to get your flow on after you’ve been rubbed the wrong way. So, grab a nice pair of padded cycling shorts or tights to spin in comfort. And hey, no one said you can’t wear them on the mat, too!
  • Layer up! Hot and steamy yoga classes on a cool Fall day can be tricky to dress for when you ride in on two wheels. Layering your sports bra, a tank or tee and a jacket is the way to go. If your prone to sweatiness during yoga, strip down to that base layer. We won’t judge!
  • Have a mat transport plan! There are a few different ways to carry a yoga mat while riding a bike that are safe, secure and comfortable. Find out more about how to carry a yoga mat on a bike here!
  • Don’t forget the helmet! Even if you are riding right around the corner, it’s just not worth it. Find a cute helmet and protect that noggin!

Yoga Style Guide

Get the Look

Liv Izzy Thermtextura Hoodie: Adapted to those who travel on two wheels and don’t want to choose between technical apparel and casual style. Fashion-forward detailing keeps you looking good as you transition from bike to yoga and beyond. With a fashionable, Liv Club Fit design, this hoodie is engineered for cycling comfort using exclusive ThermTextura™ fabric for lightweight insulation that provides UPF 50 sun protection. Moisture wicking properties, along with the full front zip allows quick ventilation for temperature control. Two secure zipper pockets keep keys, cash and ID safe. 

Liv Izzy Leggings: Equally at home on a training ride or in the studio, when you want all-seasons comfort with casual appeal. To totally show up your existing yoga pants, these leggings are equipped with top-notch chamois technology that makes sure your nether regions are protected, preventing chafing and soreness. With high-tech, breathable fabric that contours to anatomy and allows maximum flexibility throughout the movements of cycling, these leggings offer cozy comfort to legs both on and off the bike.

Liv Civita Helmet: This lid serves up street-smart style combined with the latest in helmet engineering and crash protection. The minimalist integrated visor protects your peepers from both sun and rain. Getting a cozy and secure fit couldn’t be simpler, just tighten the buckle and be on your way.

Liv Vera Sports Bra: Eliminate the dreaded squished look — individual cups keep everything where it’s intended to be. A racer-back style and medium compression offer just the right support, preventing unwanted movement, but not so tight that breathing is restricted. Padded inserts are perforated for continual airflow and ventilated stretch mesh is woven into the back panel for enhanced breathability, making Vera the complete package.

Liv Perola Tank: A sleek and sleeveless design with back pockets makes this tank a versatile choice for layering. A body-hugging fit ensures sweat is lifted as soon as it forms, while vented areas allow cooling airflow. The moisture-wicking built-in bra offers plenty of support while a longer, hip length cut provides stylish coverage.

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