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Downhill Drops | Intermediate MTB Skill Guide with Leigh Donovan

A downhill drop requires speed control and confidence to master. With a drop, the landing will be lower than the takeoff. Here are Leigh’s tips for clearing downhill drops:

  1. It is always best to walk a drop before attempting to ride it so you can know where to takeoff for the best landing.
  2. Dial in the amount of speed you will need to hit the drop before you attempt it. A great way to do this is to follow someone you trust in on your first attempt.
  3. Spot your landing as soon as you hit the takeoff.
  4. Aim to land the drop with both wheels at the same time, whether the landing is flat or downhill. If landing on an incline, your bike may be pointed down but you will still land with both wheels at the same time.
  5. Bend your arms and legs to absorb the impact and land with your body centered between both the front and rear wheels. 

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