Cycling Apparel Fabric Technology

Liv Fabric Technology

We know what women need to stay on the move with ease and freedom because we ride, too. It takes some serious dedication to brave the elements and get your sweat on, day after day. Tested and proven to be the fabric solution for active women everywhere, our high-performance, technical fabrics weather the storm with longevity and bring you superb fit and comfort.



To stay dry and comfortable, clothing needs to wick away moisture quickly and effectively. This fabric design masters the science of wicking by using larger yarns next to the skin and finer yarns on the outer surface. Capillary action then pulls moisture away from the skin and out to the fabric surface for speedy drying.

TransTextura Plus

TransTextura Plus™ is enhanced with anti-microbial functionality using patented X-Odor®, an environmentally safe and extremely effective technology that neutralizes odors.



This fabric is engineered to protect you from wet, windy conditions with durable water-repellent finishes and laminations. And water protection doesn’t have to equal sweltering and overheating during vigorous activity; our fabrics are breathable to regulate body temperature so you stay comfortable.

ProTextura Plus

ProTextura Plus™ is an enhanced waterproof construction featuring dependable weather protective sealed seams.



When the thermometer drops, capturing warmth is essential. This time we’re adding insulation into the comfort equation by fleecing the backside of the fabric, which holds body heat in and protects you from the elements. With this soft, stretchy fabric, you’ll discover a comfort and fit that keeps you outside and going strong.