Actually, I Can Win

Anna van der Breggen QuoteAll photography by Cor Vos Photo.

Some dreams are so big, you almost don’t want to dream them because you are afraid they won’t come true. “It is just a race, just like any other,” you tell yourself. But, deep down, you know it is not just another race. This is the moment you have been waiting for your whole life.

Pre Olympics

The gun goes off, the race starts. Every minute of training has come to this. With patience, power and help from teammates, suddenly you are in position. As you crest the top of the climb, the majority of the race is over, but the most difficult part is yet to come.

Olympic women's road race

Up until now, you have been relying on tactic, strategy and muscle memory. Ahead of you lies the hard part: mentally pushing yourself as far as you can possibly go.

500 meters to go. 400 meters. 300 meters. Then you allow yourself to think it, “Actually, I can win.”

Anna van der Breggen Wins Gold

Your face says it all. You left everything on the race course. You dared to dream big and gained the ultimate prize. You are a champion.

Rabo-Liv rider Anna van der Breggen of the Netherlands crosses the finish line in first place on Sunday, August 7 in Rio de Janeiro assisted by teammate Marianne Vos who, after fighting to comeback to top form after an injury in 2015, crossed the finish line in a top ten position. Anna went on to finish third in the individual time trial just three days later. 

Anna van der BreggenMarianne Vos

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