Actually, I Can Ride All Year

 Jamie Anderson on the Pique

Starting my life in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, I can truly say I grew up blessed. I’m from a big family – five sisters and two brothers – and my loving parents took the time to home school all of us. It may not have been your typical childhood, but I believe my time spent exploring the wilderness which was my backyard was a true gift.

At 9 years old, I was strapped into a snowboard for the first time and immediately fell in love. I began spending all my spare time on the mountain and was constantly inspired by my big sisters.

My family, my built-in support crew, encouraged me and lifted me up to where I am today. Yes, I was one of the youngest athletes to have competed in the Winter X-Games at 13; yes, I won my first professional slope-style event at 15 and still hold the title of the youngest Winter X-Games athlete to win a medal; And, yes, I am proud to have won a gold medal for my country in Sochi at the inaugural slope-style event during the 2014 Olympics.

But for me, life isn’t always about the competitions and the training. It is about riding the mountain, living in the moment and loving what I do. When the snow melts from the local mountain and other snowboarders go out searching the world over for fresh powder, I don’t always take that path. I’ve learned to appreciate stillness and staying in one place has given me the opportunity to explore one of my other favorite outdoor activities: mountain biking!

Jamie Anderson and Tyler Nicholson

Recently, my boyfriend Tyler and I took a big step and moved to Whistler, BC. With the Alpine peaks that keep their snow until late in the year, endless forests to explore and countless trails to ride, I think I have found my happy place. The more Tyler and I grab our mountain bikes over our boards, I have started to realize that actually, I can ride all year!

There is something about taking time away from your sport, finding new passions and following your heart that truly allows you to live. And, I couldn’t have found a better bike for my style of riding. The Pique is epic. I can cruise all kinds of different trails – climbing up the steepest singletrack with that 1X12 drivetrain, flying super smooth and fast down this awesome Whistler dirt, playing around on skinnies and bridges – there is no limit to where I can explore.

Jamie Anderson

Yeah, I guess you can consider riding mountain bikes in the snowboard off-season “cross training,” but for Tyler and me… we just love to cruise and enjoy each minute of every day.

Much love and gratitude! Reach your Pique.


Jamie Anderson is a professional snowboarder and ambassador for Liv Cycling. Although she currently loves the XC prowess of the Pique Advanced, she might have some bike park shredding in her near future on the Hail Advanced.

Pique Advanced