Actually, I Can Embrace Every Moment

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I often look around the city and it seems like everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere. Standing in line to get a morning coffee, impatiently looking at their phones — probably checking an email or two — and looking up often to see if the line has diminished; running to catch the city bus, brief case in hand; reigning queens of multi-tasking eat lunch while simultaneously conducting a conference call.

Every now and then I catch myself being one of those people — living for the future and not taking in what is right in front of me. It is true, I am a busy woman, I have places to be, things to do and deadlines to meet, while somehow keeping up with my workout routine and a social life. What can I say, I have big dreams! But, I don’t want to hit those goals and look back at a haze of to do lists.

No, that can’t be me. Actually, I can embrace every moment.

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It is crazy, but what I have realized is that it isn’t always about going out of my way to do something adventurous that makes life fun. The simple joy of starting my day by riding my bike to work goes such a long way. It’s like my eyes open wider and I can appreciate the little beautiful moments that blossom along my commute. It’s about taking time to notice that new street art and not worry about the extra minute or two I’ll spend stopping to snap a photo. The opportunity to take that dirt path through the park on my lunch break? I’ll take it.

And when my girlfriends ask me to meet them at the hip new spot that just opened up after work, I’ll tell myself, who cares if it’s a Wednesday — I’ll be even more productive the rest of the day knowing that a bike ride and a glass of wine await me at the end of it.

Yeah, I have big dreams. I’ll crush my goals! But, I’ll get there by enjoying each and every pedal stroke.

-Heidi, Los Angeles California, uses her BeLiv 2 to commute, exercise and enjoy life. 

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