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Don’t Be Modest, You Were Amazing This Year

As the New Year approaches, the pressure to set your big goals and resolutions can become a bit daunting. But, we don’t want you to forget about the victories you reached this year – big and small. Don’t downplay your awesome achievements, it is time to pat yourself on the back for a job well done; you earned it!  

Here are just a few of the ways you totally nailed it this year:

1.You found your people!

Finally, you bought that plane ticket, you scheduled that road trip, you got some friends together and reserved that condo in the mountains. Whatever the trip, you put daily life on hold, went on an adventure, and came home with memories that will last forever.

3.You conquered your fears!

You know that rock garden you always walked before? That jump you always eyed, but never hit? That new road route with the steep descent you wanted to work up the courage to ride? You know how you always wanted to give cyclocross a try but were a little afraid of the technical and demanding course? Even if you haven’t totally conquered the fear, you are on your way. By taking a skills clinic, riding with people who challenge you to step outside your comfort zone, and moving forward one pedal stroke at a time, you’ll gain the confidence you need.

4.You got organized!

What? You finally built that bike storage area in your garage? Nice work! Between your career, the kids, your social life and making time to go for a bike ride, you have plenty of excuses to keep putting off those house projects. But, you didn’t! You took a day off and got organized, which is totally worth a pat on the back.

5.You made your health a priority!

That’s right, you took time to take care of your #1 this year – yourself! From keeping balance in your life by hitting up a weekly yoga class to getting serious about the food you put in your body, you took solid steps to maintaining a healthy routine. Namaste.

6.You became more independent!

Whether your goal was to learn how to fix a flat tire or tackle a full-blown bike rebuild, gaining the skills to work on your own bike was high on the priority list this year, and you knocked it out of the park! Now you can ride with confidence, knowing that you can take care of your own road or trailside repairs. Independence is a beautiful thing.

7.You let your personal style shine through!

This was your year to let go of trying so hard to please other people and just be you. You nailed it! Heck, you didn’t let helmet hair stop you from commuting to work, you found out you can actually ride your bike to yoga class with the right outfit and gear, and you discovered the best apparel so you can ride your bike in all weather conditions… even if your non-cycling friends think you are crazy!

8.You made time for family!

You are discovering that spending time with family doesn’t mean sacrificing your ride time. Getting out for family bike rides and mini adventures in the park have become some of the best parts of the week for everyone. Way to spread the love!

9.You dared to go big!

Girl, you totally sent it! Whether your big goal this year was to ride downhill, complete an enduro race, participate in a charity ride, or commit to doing an Ironman – you dared to dream up something huge and you completely crushed it. Heck yeah!

10.You believed you could, and you did!

This year, you told your doubts to take a hike. When the world said, “She can’t,” you screamed back, “I CAN!” And, when you believe you can do something, you achieve amazing things.

How will you keep living the best version of your life in the New Year? It’s up to you! Share with us @livcycling on Instagram and don’t forget to celebrate the little victories along the way.