Complement your style

With our new, elegant and eye-catching color and graphics designs, you will truly be riding in style. When light reflects from different directions our bikes show off some incredible depth, richness, and a variety of colors.
Choose from a selection of new looks to match your look and style.



Just like the beautiful Aurora Borealis (northern lights), the IRIS decals deliver a rich array of colors through a rainbow-like effect.IRIS not only delivers a stunning style to your bike, but also a unique look of speed and flow.

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With this exclusive and innovative style, the surface of your bike looks like it’s shining from within. SUNBOW delivers stunning and intriguing depth, with a smooth and brilliant chroma.

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With the new RAINBOW color & graphics design, your bike will truly glisten and draw attention when the light catches it at the right angle. It delivers an amazingly deep and galactic look.

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Let your bike transform in different light conditions with the new CHAMELEON color & graphics design. It delivers a striking metallic quality that makes the colors come alive and make the bike really standout.

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