Simple Ways To Add Movement Into Your Day

19 October 2021


Exercise doesn't have to be grueling or energy sapping, in fact, it can be super fun and easy to include in your everyday routine. The totally awesome, Elle Linton, has some tips and tricks to share with you all to ensure that exercise is ever present in your life.

Making sure that exercise and movement plays a role in your routine is extremely important for your physcial and mental health.

Liv Ambassador and Fitness Pro, Elle Linton, has some ideas to help you move more... These simple activities are not time consuming whatsoever and you can easily fit them around your busy day-to-day schedule. So, without further ado, here's Elle's top tips for adding more movement into your day:

Rise, shine and stretch

You only have to wake up a few minutes earlier than usual to add a little bit of movement into your morning routine. A few light stretches each morning can help increase flexibility, improve posture; and increase blood flow to help you wake up and feel ready for the day ahead. This is a fantastic way to start each and every day and you only need to set that alarm clock a few minutes earlier than you normally would.

Commute by bike

Ditch the car or train and cycle to work instead. Not only will commuting by bike help you add more exercise into your week, but it will also save you a tonne of money on public transport and fuel. Of course, this won’t be possible everyday, as some days you may be greeted by an unwanted downpour and others you may just be running a little behind schedule and need to hop on the train. However, cycling just a couple of days each week will still make a huge difference to your fitness.

Opt for the stairs

Even if you do end up on public transport, there are still ways to add more movement to your morning commute. Skip the escalator at the train station and brave the stairs instead. Alternatively, take the stairs rather than the lift when you arrive at your office. Climbing stairs is great for burning calories and toning your legs. This really is a super quick and easy way to add a little exercise to your daily routine.

Take a lunch time stroll

Some jobs naturally require more movement than others. But even if you have a job that involves sitting in front of a computer all day, there are plenty of ways to get more active during the working day. For a start, you can make the most of your breaks and head out for a short walk. A lunchtime stroll around your local area will not only burn calories and increase physical fitness, but it will also help boost your mood and help avoid that post-lunch slump. Plus, you may discover some beautiful locations in your local area, that you never even knew existed.

Have walking meetings

Another way to be more active during the working day is to swap sitting meetings for walking meetings. Walking meetings have been proven to have a multitude of benefits, including increased productivity and creativity, as well as enhanced physical and mental wellbeing. Walking meetings work best one-on-one or in smaller groups when done in-person. Remote teams can also organise virtual walking meetings, in which each attendee heads out for a walk in their own neighbourhood.

Stand up

Whenever you can, stand rather than sit. You can set your activity tracker or download an app on your phone to remind you to move at regular intervals too! If you keep well hydrated, you’ll probably need to use the bathroom often enough to make you stand up and take some steps regularly.

Do some deskercises

If you spend a larger portion of your day sat at a desk, try to move away from it regularly, or move while at your desk as much as you can. Check out these stretches for your neck, shoulder and back you can easily do at your desk (or even on your bike/ sofa/ bed - wherever you like really) which we recently shared on our Instagram.

Find something that you enjoy

One of the best ways to incorporate more movement into your day is to find something that you actually enjoy doing. This could be a morning yoga class, walking your dog around your local park with a friend, or taking a dance class with your partner. You’re far more likely to make time for something and stick with it when you genuinely enjoy doing it.

Involve the whole family

If you have children, find something active to do that the whole family will enjoy. Swap the weekend trip to the cinema for a fun physical activity like swimming, trampolining or a game of frisbee in the park. You’ll be keeping the children entertained and active, while also adding more movement into your day. Plus, you'll have an absolutely amazing time bonding with your nearest and dearest, it really is a win-win situation that can improve both your health and happiness.

Schedule in 10-minute workouts

When it comes to exercise, every little counts! You don’t have to dedicate a whole hour to a workout - one or two 10-minute workouts will add up over the course of a day. Here are some 10-minute workouts you can try.

Too busy to exercise? Not with a 10 minute workout! - keep it simpElle

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and we are positive that it will encourage and motivate you to add more movement into your day. Be sure to take some snaps while completing some of the activities mentioned above and tag us in your social posts, we love hearing from our wonderful Liv family and we enjoy sharing your awesome uploads on our feed!

Thank you Elle for all these wonderful tips! If you would like more health and fitness tips, head over to Elle's Instagram, where she regularly uploads incredible and inspiring content.

Have an awesome day all!