Rediscover Your Sense of Adventure With An E-bike

27 November 2023


Are you ready to rekindle your sense of adventure and explore the world in an exhilarating new way? An electric bicycle is the perfect companion to do just the thing. E-bikes offer an innovative way to experience the great outdoors. If you’re thinking about powering your journeys and exploring your favourite city in a whole new way, then stick around as we delve into the world of E-bikes.

What is an electric bike?

Before we dive into the long list of benefits, let’s go back to the basics! Electric bikes, also known as E-bikes, are a brilliant invention that blends the convenience of a bicycle with the power of electricity.

Electric bikes are essentially regular bicycles equipped with a battery-powered motor that assists with pedalling, making your ride smoother and easier. Think of it as having a personal cheerleader on wheels, giving you a boost when you need it most - yay!

How does an electric bike work?

Now, you might be thinking, "How does this magical contraption work?" Well, let us break it down for you. Electric bikes are powered by rechargeable batteries that supply energy to an electric motor, which is usually located in the hub of the bike's wheel.

When you pedal, the motor kicks in and provides an extra push, making uphill climbs feel like a leisurely stroll in the park. Plus, many E-bikes come with handy features like adjustable speed settings and built-in displays to keep track of your mileage and E-bike battery life.

What does this mean for you? You can ride further and faster than you ever imagined without even breaking a sweat. So whether you’re looking to commute or fancy seeing more of your favourite city, an E-bike could be your new best friend.

What are the benefits of riding an E-bike?

Now we’re all a little more acquainted with E-bikes and their growing popularity, let’s focus on the brilliant benefits they boast…

Increased speed and reduced effort for commuting

Say goodbye to sweaty clothes and hello to a breezy, enjoyable ride. Gone are the days of turning up at work in a sweat, it’s time to kickstart your day in a much more positive and relaxing way. With an electric bike, you can commute with ease, reaching higher speeds without exerting as much effort as you would on a regular bike.

Eco-friendly transportation option

In a world where sustainability is key, electric bikes are the superheroes of transportation. By choosing an electric bicycle for your daily commute, you're not only reducing your carbon footprint, but you're also contributing to a cleaner and greener city. So, hop on and ride into the future while leaving a smaller environmental footprint behind.

Health benefits of E-bike commuting

Don't be fooled by the electric motor - E-bike commuting still provides health benefits! Even though you're getting help from the motor, you're still pedalling and engaging in physical activity. Riding an E-bike can improve cardiovascular health, increase stamina, and help you stay active without putting excessive strain on your joints. It's a win-win situation - you get to improve your fitness while effortlessly gliding through your favourite city.

How to choose the perfect E-Bike - Factors you should consider:

Understanding different types of E-bikes available

When it comes to E-bikes, variety is the spice of life. There are several types to choose from, including city E-bikesadventure E-bikes and electric mountain bikes. Each type serves a different purpose, so it's essential to consider your specific needs and preferences before making a decision. Liv has a collection of electric bikes for sale, so be sure to check out our best E-bikes!

Evaluating motor power and battery range

The power behind the pedal: motor power and battery range. These two factors play a significant role in determining the performance and range of your E-bike. Consider the terrain you'll be riding on, your desired speed, and how far you plan to travel. Having a motor and electric bike battery that can handle your city adventures will ensure a smooth and reliable ride.

Considering bike design and frame type

Style matters, even when it comes to E-bikes. Choose a design and frame type that suits your aesthetic preferences and riding style. Whether you prefer a classic look or a modern, sleek design, finding an electric bike that matches your personality will make your city rides even more enjoyable.

Why should I invest in a women’s-specific electric bike?

Here at Liv, we have an amazing team of designers and engineers who carefully craft everything specifically for women's physiology - from frame design and stiffness, to component design and selection, to positioning - the entire bike build maximises women’s power.

All of this research, designing and engineering results in enhanced comfort. According to our research, the majority of women will be more comfortable and efficient on a bike designed for them.

When it comes to Liv electric bicycles, you can expect comfort from the get go. Not only are these bikes specifically designed for women, but they can also give you that added boost so you can go further and faster with comfort and ease.

Here at Liv, we have a wide range of electric bicycles for women, so it’s super important for you to consider what type of riding you plan to do. Will you be taking to the trails and seeking adventure? Or will you be tearing up rough roads, gravel and dirt on your favourite route? Or are you planning on making your commute to work a little more exciting and dare we say, electric?

Enjoy everyday adventure with a Liv e-bike

If commuting by bike is your thing, we think the Amiti E+1 will be your new, city-loving best friend. This smart and smooth E-bike is built to help you take control of your lifestyle and rediscover your sense of adventure with reliable comfort that takes you through the city and beyond.

Discover new roads and experiences with the Amiti E+ thanks to its amazing range (180-215 km), courtesy of the reliable EnergyPak Smart battery. Did someone say stress-free riding?! We certainly did! This comfy and speedy bike is capable of lengthy adventures! Say Goodbye to constant (and quite frankly frustrating) charge breaks and enjoy more time on two wheels.

The SyncDrive Sport motor, co-developed with Yamaha, delivers 70Nm of torque and has six speed control settings ranging from 75-350% pedal assistance. What does this mean for you? You can choose how much effort you would like to put in - so if you fancy kicking back a little and storing some energy, switch to a higher percentage! Alternatively, if you want a cardio session, switch to a lower option - it really is that simple.

As you already know, we love designing, engineering and building bikes for women - and the Amiti E+ 1 is no exception! This adventure-craving e-bike was designed for a woman’s comfort and taste. The bike provides a lower standover height, a solid braking system for loyal traction, plus fenders and tubeless tyres for optimal comfort and safety.

Convenience is key with the Amiti E+ 1. Equipped with a RideControl remote unit, you can easily check battery level, turn on the front headlight; and opt for Smart Assist (an option that kicks in an extra smooth and natural ride feel).

Commuting by bike has never been so fun... But be sure not to leave all this buzz for work days! Embrace the freedom of weekend adventures - from whizzing to the shops, to pedalling to dinner, to exploring your local city and beyond! There is so much to uncover and explore with the help of your totally awesome E-bike.

Whether you're looking for a commute, gravel or mountain E-bike, we are certain we have the right bike for you and your needs. Shop our wide range of electric bikes now and please do get in contact with our team if you have any questions – we are here to support your cycling journey.

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