Liv Tempt Selected as One of the Best Hardtails of 2021!

16 September 2020

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BikeRadar has selected the Liv Tempt as one of the top five hardtail mountain bikes of 2021. The updated Tempt receives a rave review as an entry-level MTB equally capable for shredding singletrack and conquering the commute. Read on to find out why reviewers loved Tempt.

For 2021, the Liv Tempt scored a crucial update. Now the 100mm hardtail mountain bike is offered in 27.5 or 29-inch wheels to ensure spot-on fit and efficiency. Additionally, Tempt comes ready to load down with panniers and fenders for commutes or bikepacking treks.

“The Tempt geometry sits between a versatile, hybrid bike and a cross-country mountain bike,” notes BikeRadar’s Aoife Glass. “In comparison to the Liv Pique, the Tempt has a shorter reach and wheelbase which makes it well suited to a combination of on- and off-road riding.”

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