BikeRadar Award All-New Avail Advanced Pro 0 4 ½ Stars

13 November 2023


BikeRadar Contributor, Katherine Moore, describes the “wonderfully versatile” Avail Advanced Pro 0 as a “fantastic season-busting all-rounder”, in a recent rave review.

Designed for performance and built without compromise, the road warrior that is the Avail Advanced Pro 0 was built to take you as far as you can go. With this in mind, Moore expressed that this “sprightly ride” offered comfort “over long distances”.

Throughout this review, Moore noted that this versatile road bike “excels at almost anything you point it at without compromise”; and expressed that not only does it boast comfort, but speed too,“it feels like a race bike”, that “spurs you to push on the pedals”.

Moore acknowledged that this endurance bike “might be built for long days in the saddle, but if you think you’ll be sacrificing a considerable amount of speed for comfort, you’re very much mistaken”.

Following on from this, from a weight and aerodynamic perspective, Moore explained that this model weighs in at 7.6kg; and expressed that this endurance bike is “certainly worthy of hill-seeking riders who enjoy long days in the saddle through all weathers”.

Not only is the Avail Advanced Pro 0 a speedy and comfortable bike, but it is also “wonderfully practical”, with its mudguard mounts and generously sized road bike tyres, explained the BikeRadar Contributor.

Credit was also given to the wide-ranging gearing available on this Avail, which was “very much appreciated in the rolling countryside of the New Forest”.

Moore then went on to explain that all of the above mean “you can keep riding throughout the seasons, and from road to light gravel and back”.

Read the full review here, or discover more about this lightweight endurance warrior that is ready for the rides to come.