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5 Reasons Why I Love my new Liv Avail AR with Alyssa Podesta

05 October 2020


As a Liv mountain bike ambassador, Alyssa Podesta was completely new to road riding, skinnier tyres and wearing lycra. Keen to get out on the roads a little more through lockdown earlier this year, she invested in her first road bike, the Avail AR 1.

For me, the Avail AR 1 was the perfect option to bridge the gap between on and off-road riding. It feels comfortable and stable on both paved and rough roads, so perfect for someone looking to ride on the road with the ability to stray off.

I have put together my thoughts on the bike so far including five reasons why I have fallen in love with this discipline.

1) Keeping Me Fit

Since lockdown earlier this year, I’ve had more free time and time at home as I haven’t had to commute to work. This has meant that it’s much easier to fit in more riding time because I can pedal straight from my door or hop on the turbo trainer at home. Although I love my mountain bike, I needed something that I could connect to a turbo trainer or ride out from my house, especially with many riding centres and trails being closed.

I personally don’t really have a set riding plan, but my aim is to ride 3-4 times a week on either the Avail or my mountain bike, the Intrigue Advanced 1. I’ve seen a huge difference in how far I can ride and how good I feel on the longer rides after riding the Avail AR.

2) Exploring New Places

It has given me the opportunity to explore so many places local to me that I didn’t even know about! As we haven’t been able to drive during lockdown (essential travel only) having the road bike has allowed me to ride to the beach or to the countryside and get some much needed fresh air. I have found so many beautiful places to ride to from my doorstep that I had no idea were there.

3) Road Bike? Gravel Bike? No Problem!

I chose the Avail AR because it a super versatile bike! It offers the option of being a road bike or a gravel bike, which is exactly what I wanted. It comes with 32mm tyres but this bike can take a 40mm tyre! Basically, if you want to go on a gravel adventure or you will be riding more of that sort of terrain this bike has it covered! I can’t wait to go on my first gravel bike packing trip.

4) The Ultimate Run Around

This bike is the perfect all-rounder. It has opened my eyes to how easy it is to use it for everything, not only have I been reaching distances I’d never reached before but it also allows me to jump on it and pop to the shop, see family and friends or just go for a little spin to the local park. It’s totally changed the way that I live in the city and shown me how little I actually need my car.

5) New Riding Friends

Since having this bike, it has introduced me to so many other people, which has been a great experience! Not only has meeting like-minded people been amazing but they have also shared their knowledge and personal experience of road riding which has helped me progress further.

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