If your Liv helmet is damaged from a cycling accident, Liv will offer a replacement helmet if the accident and claim is made within the first year of purchase. Liv will aim to provide a free replacement helmet which is like for like, or the latest equivalent model. Should neither be available, Liv will provide a store credit based on the retail price of your original helmet purchase.

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Choosing the right cycling helmet

Wearing a cycling helmet is not a legal requirement in the UK however, it’s something we would advise to any riders to reduce the risk of a serious injury should an accident occur. There are numerous types of helmets on the market which we’ll outline below, however it's worth noting that all helmets sold in the EU have to conform to the same safety standards, so the main differences are features like weight, aesthetics and fit type.

Helmet selection

Road Helmets: Compact, lightweight and well ventilated. The more advanced helmets contain the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) which offer more protection to the brain. The retention system should be easy to adjust and sit comfortably on your head.

Off-Road Helmets: Like road helmets, the off-road helmet is designed to be compact, lightweight and well ventilated. A key difference is that off-road helmets cover much more of the head, sitting lower at the back and covering the side of the head, as well as having a visor at the front. Off-road cycling covers much more slippery downhill terrain meaning that you are much more likely to fall from your bike, which is why off-road helmets are designed to offer more protection.

Leisure Helmets: There is no specific helmet designed for the leisure/commuter rider, however most typically use a road bike helmet. A great helmet choice for a commuter would be a helmet with the mounting bracket used to fit lights so that you are always visible whilst on the road.

Kids Helmets: Helmets designed for kids tend to vary too depending on the age group the helmet is aimed at. For example, helmets designed for younger children will likely sit lower on the head and offer more protection around the rear than those designed for slightly older children.

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Terms & Conditions

This policy does not affect any of your statutory rights.

Claims are limited to Liv helmets sold only to a buyer in the UK or Ireland either at a Liv store, Liv website, or via a retailer approved by Liv. Each claim sent to Liv via your local Liv retailer will be considered on the merits of the information and documentation provided.

Liv aims to respond to all claims within 7-10 working days. Any rejected claims will be issued with a refusal letter by Liv with the reason for rejection. Liv may reject claims it believes are not genuine or which fall outside the first year of purchase.

Liv’s decision as to whether the policy has been satisfied is final. All communication regarding the claim shall be between Liv and the retailer; the retailer shall communicate Liv’s decision to you directly.

Should a crash replacement helmet be issued in accordance with this policy, the replacement helmet shall be covered under the crash replacement helmet policy only for the remaining period of the original 12 months that covered the damaged helmet.