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Find Liv ambassador, duathlete and mum Debbie Bradley's festive faves here. 

Norsa Gloves - "These are the perfect winter glove. I wore them in some pretty awful conditions last year and always had toasty fingers."

Flara Tights - "Again these were a big hit last year! Not only weatherproof and cosy but they are a really flattering fit."

Zoyra Wind Jacket - "Another beautiful and functional piece of kit from Liv. The reflective details makes this the perfect jacket for autumn and winter."

Race day kit - "I love every single item from the race day range. The design and colour is simply stunning and the prices are amazing for top end kit so it would only be right to buy matching everything! Hard to pick just one item but I’ve gone for the short sleeved jersey as I love the Zoyra arm warmers too."

Zoyra Arm Covers - "These are great if you just want a little bit of cover to keep the chill off and they look great as a contrast worn with the race day range."