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Liv road bikes are designed for women by women. Working from the ground up to develop a women’s-specific fit that provides comfort and optimal sizing using our extensive research. Our 3F Bike Design Philosophy (fit, form and function) takes into account the different proportions, strengths and dimensions of women’s bodies. Working with our data, athletes and rider feedback, we design Liv bikes to better fit female riders.

We have a wide range of women’s road bikes, with some of our key ranges being the Langma, Thrive, Avial and Alight models. No matter what type of riding you prefer, we have women’s road bikes for every kind of rider. You’re the one that gets to choose your own adventure.

Take a closer look at our women’s-specific bikes and decide which one suits the riding you do most often. Curious to know more about road bikes? Check out our road bike skills guides to help you decide which bike to choose, and brush up on your knowledge. You can also check our size guide to find out what will fit you best.

Langma road bike

Langma Series

Our Langma range has several models available. These bikes are nimble race machines as comfortable to race as they are tackling long climbs or eating up the miles. The lightweight frames have been designed without compromise to offer pedalling stiffness and strength. Our Langma bikes are part of our performance and racing women’s road bikes, perfect for those who want to ride as well as compete.

The Langma range consists of the Langma Advanced Disc and the Langma Advanced Pro Disc. Each model offers different spec options with something to meet every budget and rider needs. Langma offers precise handling, compact frame geometry and carbon frame to save weight and give optimal stiffness.

Langma women’s road bikes are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes to inspire confidence and provide unrivalled stopping power. With slender tubing and aero-features, the Langma is a climbing weapon tuned with the female rider in mind.

Thrive road bike

Thrive Series

Our range of Thrive women’s road bikes are designed for fitness. Great for longer days in the saddle, but just as comfortable for a short spin. These aluminium bikes are lightweight and perfect for your daily commute. Flat handlebars and disc brakes provide a comfortable riding position and responsive braking. Lightweight, easy to manage, and created with a compact design, the Thrive range has our D-Fuse technology, specced with a D-Fuse seat post to dampen vibration to give you a smooth ride on varied terrain. Each Thrive model is compatible with racks and fenders to allow you to add accessories and customise the bike for your needs. With internal cable routing, upright riding position and fast, reliable shifting, Thrive is a perfect and stylish companion for fun and fitness.

Avail Road Bike

Avail Series

Our Avails are designed with endurance in mind. This range of women’s road bikes offers versatility and choice for different riders and budgets. The Avail range consists of the Avail, Avail AR, Avail Advanced and the Avail Advanced Pro.

The entry-level Avails have rim brakes but offer no compromise. Specced with carbon forks to save weight and provide optimal control. Offering modern endurance geometry, this range of women’s road bikes is light and comfortable. The Avail ARs can take on more than the road, tackling the odd off-road and rough surfaces with the wide tyres and disc brakes when needed.

The Avail AR also allows you to equip racks and fenders giving you versatility when deciding what to ride and when. With the Avail AR women’s road bikes, you can choose your ride and be confident it will keep you comfortable and in control.

Avail Advanced models give great women’s-specific fit and are just at home putting in the training miles as they are meeting friends for coffee and cake. The compact design creates a stiff, smooth ride and optimal fit. Take on all-day rides with the knowledge that your bike will take it in its stride. Equipped with disc brakes for great handling and control, the Avail Advanced models can also accommodate mudguards for the days when the weather turns.

The Avail Advanced Pro takes no prisoners, comfortable on the climbs and confidence-inspiring on the downs. Equipped with hydraulic disc brakes to give you precise handling, no matter the conditions. This lightweight women’s road bike is an endurance bike that offers great performance and comfort for spending hours in the saddle.

Alight road bike

Alight Series

The Alight range consists of two different range options; Alight and Alight Disc. Alight women’s road bikes are a do-it-all kind of bike that’s just as suitable for a daily commute as it is for heading out to keep the legs spinning. Perfect for fun and fitness, Alight models have an aluminium frame and integrated dropouts for the option to add a number of accessories. The alight range are adaptable bikes capable of being what you need them to be, whether that’s a daily commuter or a bike for heading out to explore. Each City model has a rack, mudguard and kickstand already installed. The Alight Disc range are compatible with racks and fenders meaning you can add accessories and have the option to transport what you need when on the go. The puncture-resistant tyres will help keep you moving and prevent mishaps so you can get on with cycling. Equipped with disc brakes and upright geometry, Alight bikes are perfect for women who want a bike that can comfortably take them wherever they need to go.