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For the dirt divas seeking new adventures to take them farther and faster in their pursuit of fun and freedom, Liv women’s electric mountain bikes are equipped with a powerful, natural-feeling motor. This is your all-access pass to longer rides, faster climbs, and all-new terrain with a pedal assistance mountain bike.

Using the same technology and research to create our women’s mountain bikes, our range of women’s electric mountain bikes will allow you to extend your adventures and ride longer. Perfect for those who want the same performance, but with added assistance. From hardtail to full suspension, no matter what you love to ride, we have the bike for you. To find out more about our e-bike technology and systems, check out our technology guide.

Get out when you’re tired, explore new trails and keep up with the group, an electric bike will give you as much assistance as you want. Find your new women’s-specific electric mountain bike from our range above.