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Tri Tribe

You have decided to tackle a triathlon to because you want to be strong, mentally and physically; because you want to overcome your fears; because you have something to prove; because you want to get fit and stay fit; because you want to look as young as you feel; because you want to accomplish something that feels impossible.

You want to complete a triathlon… because you can.

Liv knows no matter how motivated, strong and beautiful your reason for committing to a triathlon, it is difficult without a support system. Meet the TRIbe. These women have been there, done that, been defeated and succeeded. They are your mentors and your friends and they are here to help you be the best you can be.




Kathrin Walther

Shirin Gerami

Allysa Seely

Lesley Paterson

Radka Kahlefeldt

Renee Baker

Kimmy Fasani

Tricia Speidel

Adrienne Smith

Taylor Staus

Bridie Hatch

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