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The All-New EnviLiv

From the stage race breakaway to the final criterium lap, the all-new EnviLiv is made to be out front. We’ve redesigned our signature sprinter for optimized aerodynamic performance, greater stiffness-to-weight advantage, and maximum trophies.

Optimized Aerodynamics

In our pursuit of maximum power and efficiency, we analyze how the bike and rider experience airflow at every speed and direction, both on the computer and in the wind tunnel. The new EnviLiv features truncated ellipse airfoil tube shapes and an all-new Contact Aero cockpit, with flattened tops and deeper drops, for reduced drag and added control, and better overall aero performance.

Sprinting Efficiency

Aerodynamics are affected by many factors, two of them often seen as mutually exclusive: stiffness and weight. But the new EnviLiv has found the sweet spot, with premium raw carbon fiber and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, resulting in a greater stiffness-to-weight ratio than the previous generation.

Seamless Integration

When every second matters, so does every detail. So we developed a new way to route cables through the handlebar, stem, and frame, which improves aero performance, and also makes it easier to disassemble your bike for travel and maintenance. Two aerodynamic water bottle cages flawlessly integrate with the seat tube and down tube, further reducing drag.

The EnviLiv Advanced Pro is now...

12% lighter,

13.67% more efficient,

and 3.9% more aerodynamic.*

*than the previous generation EnviLiv Advanced Pro.

The EnviLiv Advanced Pro, Reimagined.

The Making of the New EnviLiv

Aero bike design is the relentless pursuit of speed through measured improvements—how many grams can we shave, how much drag can we reduce, how much can we improve the stiffness-to-weight ratio? But at Liv, there’s something else we want to know: how does it feel? That’s why we tested the new EnviLiv in the wind tunnel and on the road with pro triathlete Lisa Tertsch. We put women first, from start to finish line.

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Build Your Dream Race Bike

Build your dream bike with the EnviLiv Advanced SL—the first ever SL-Grade composite frameset for EnviLiv. Engineered for best-in-class aerodynamic performance and painted in the colors of Liv Racing Teqfind, this frameset has fire in its belly.

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