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Smart, compact charging for your adventure. Lightweight and portable, the EnergyPak Charger extends battery life and gives you more time on the bike.



Recharging batteries quickly is essential for getting back out to play in the great outdoors. Not only is Liv’s 6A Smart Charger is compatible with the EnergyPak Smart battery (800Wh, 625Wh, 500Wh, 400Wh), EnergyPak Smart Compact (500Wh), and EnergyPak Plus (250Wh, 200Wh), it is also the fastest way to charge and recharge. As batteries are used over many charging cycles, the Smart Charger will automatically adjust to charging battery conditions – such as low or high temperatures – by using a lower voltage so the cells are used more efficiency, extending battery life.

When not using your bike for extended periods of time, set your Smart Charger to 60% storage mode with the touch of a button. This will save your battery for future use so you don’t have to fully recharge from zero before heading out for your next ride.

A close up of the charger



Charge your E-bike easily at home or even mid-ride. Liv’s Smart Charger Compact is compact and light enough to bring with you, plus you can charge the battery on or off the bike. A unique feature maintains 60% battery storage for future use, even after a long break without riding. The Smart Charger Compact automatically optimizes battery efficiency and longevity by adjusting the charging voltage for more extreme temperatures or older batteries.

close up of the smart charger compact


Charge your E-bike easily, whether back at home or even in the middle of the ride. Liv’s Fast Charger is lightweight enough to throw in a bag and charge the battery on or off the bike.

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EnergyPak Charger Comparison

EnergyPak Charger Comparison Table