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Bike Apparel Fit and Sizing Guide

We know athletes come in all shapes and sizes and are committed to providing cycling apparel to fit your unique figure. The fact is, there are many factors that go into bike apparel fit, especially when an item of clothing is as form-fitting as bike jerseys and bibs. From height and inseam to personal preference, there is no perfect formula. That's why in addition to the sizing chart below, we've also created a real-world size guide complete with a "Kit Fit" gallery. Keep scrolling to find out more!

Liv Cycling Apparel Size Chart

XS76-81 cm | 30-32 in58-64 cm | 23-25 in84-89 cm | 33-35 in
S81-86 cm | 32-34 in64-69 cm | 25-27 in89-94 cm | 35-37 in
M86-91 cm | 34-36 in69-74 cm | 27-29 in94-99 cm | 37-39 in
L91-99 cm | 36-39 in74-81 cm | 29-32 in99-107 cm | 39-42 in
XL99-107 cm | 39-42 in81-89 cm | 32-35 in107-114 cm | 42-45 in
2XL107-114 cm | 42-45 in89-97 cm | 35-38 in114-122 cm | 45-48 in
3XL114-122 cm | 45-48 in97-104 cm | 38-41 in122-130 cm | 48-51 in

Liv's Apparel Fit System

Race Fit
Best described as form-fitting or ‘second skin’. This tight fit reduces wind resistance, ideal for racing and the more speed-conscious cyclist. Fabrics are functional, high-tech and suitable for demanding all-condition riding.

Club Fit
Not too loose or too tight, providing a comfortable, performance-minded cycling apparel option. This fit is paired with flexible, breathable fabrics to help you perform at your best.

Relaxed Fit
For mountain bikers, this fit allows ample movement and easily allows you to wear pads and body protection for demanding terrain. Also perfect for more casual cycling, this fit collection combines looser fitting, stylish looks with comfortable, high-wicking fabrics that you can wear on and off the bike.

Kit Fit Gallery

Meet Stella, Nikita, Randi, Aura, Liz and Isabella. Just like you, they struggle to know what size cycling apparel they should buy and what it is “supposed” to look like on their bodies. So, to help you find your right fit, they've disclosed their weight and height and have been photographed in Liv's race, club and relaxed fit bike apparel.

Our models are wearing the Race Day Kit (race fit), BeLiv Kit (club fit) and Energize Kit (relaxed fit). Availability varies by country. Shop local gear now >

X Small

Meet Stella

171cm (5ft 6in) | 51kg (112lbs)


Meet Nikita

167cm (5ft 5in) | 58kg (127.8lbs)


Meet Randi

167cm (5ft 5in) | 54kg (120lbs)


Meet Aura

165cm (5ft 4in) | 72kg (159lbs)

X Large

Meet Liz

170cm (5ft 6in) | 86kg (190lbs)

XX Large

Meet Isabella

158cm (5ft 2in) | 99kg (220lbs)