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Angela Wright

Meet Angela Wright, a community leader and owner of Bingham Cyclery, Utah. Angela has been paving the way to inspire more women to get on bikes, from consciously hiring women at her business to being heavily involved with grassroots MTB organizations geared towards developing skills and fostering community. Through her work with local groups and trail associations, hosting events, and reaching customers through her store; Anglea shines with her goal of making the world a better place through cycling.

“I passionately believe in bikes as an agent for good in our communities and our world. That’s easy for me to get behind each and every day”. - Angela Wright

We talked with Angela to learn more about her story:

Liv: How have bikes played a role in your life?

Angela: Every change in my life has always come back to the bike somehow, they’re pretty important to me. I rode bikes as a kid, but it wasn’t until I started working at my first job in a bike shop that I found this passion for all types of riding. I grew up in Pleasant Grove and I rode almost every morning and just kind of did it because it was something I found joy in, and I still do. Not to age myself, but I’m probably 30-plus years into riding, which feels pretty good - it’s shaped my life.

Liv: Tell us a little bit about how you became the owner of Bingham Cyclery?

Angela: The short version is that I have roots in the bicycle retail industry. My first job was at a bike shop in Utah County over 30 years ago, and once I finished earning my MBA through the Executive MBA program at the University of Utah in 2014, I put together a business plan to open a shop in Salt Lake County. It became quickly apparent that acquisition was the best route, and I knew that Bingham Cyclery was on the market. The Bingham family had owned it and the 3rd generation was then running it. I signed the papers in November of 2015 and have been learning and growing ever since.

Liv: Why did you want to own a bike store?

Angela: I have had and still have careers in finance, business ownership, and nonprofits. Honestly, I’ve always loved riding and the community that cycling brings together. I also love the challenges of working in this space, and the rewards are immeasurable. I am very fortunate to have the staff members that we have at Bingham Cyclery. It’s incredible to be able to offer so many things to our customers and community through something as simple as a bike – better physical health, mental health, social, fun, environment… the list goes on and on. Fortunately, making the world a better place through cycling is an ethos that we all adhere to at Bingham’s. It’s part of who I am, and bikes have shaped every important aspect of my life. I get to share that like-minded thinking with my peers, my staff, and our customers. 

Liv: Why is it important to create more opportunities for women in cycling?

Angela: Historically, cycling hasn't been a welcoming or inviting space for women, there is no reason why there shouldn't be more women involved in cycling, in daily riding, and working in the industry - helping to create safe spaces for people to ride for transportation and recreation. When you see more people like yourself, doing something you love, it makes it much easier to become involved, ask questions, learn, and grow.

Locally, we've put a lot of effort into showing women that cycling is for them, the Women MTB groups and the Mid-Week MTB Series Women's Mini Enduro, create a place where women can make friends, build confidence and find empowerment through mountain biking. The supportive staff at our five stores help women feel more comfortable and find the perfect bike to reach their goals, anywhere from a new rider to an experienced cyclist. Liv has been instrumental in showing women that they belong in cycling. We've seen a lot of progress over the past decade, but there is still a lot of work to do. I want to hire more women, I want to ride with more women, and I want to see more women on bikes.

Liv: What would you say to a non-cyclist or someone who is just getting into the sport to encourage them?

Angela: What I would say to a non-cyclist or someone new to the sport is that cycling is amazing. You can do it any way you like. There are incredible people involved with cycling, and that's honestly the best part! Bikes make life better and they make the world better. Start with a short ride from home - ride to a park or a friend's house. Do it once a week, and invite someone to come with you - you'll have so much fun!

Liv: Tell us about your current bike?

Angela: I can't geek out about this bike any more than I do every single day, I love it! I converted to E-MTB three seasons ago and I'll never turn back. I've been riding a light-duty E-MTB and was itching to get my hands on the new Intrigue X Advanced E+ Elite ever since I learned of it. It's the best of all worlds!! I love that I can adjust the torque on each power level, it gives me the ultimate control over how I want my bike to perform. Coupled with the sweetest suspension and drivetrain, and a sexy mullet set-up, I'm looking forward to a riding season full of giddy joy and endless miles of singletrack.

Learn more about Bingham Cyclery, follow them on FacebookInstagram and check out the BC Community page for groups and events.