Chez Liv, la femme est au cœur de toutes nos décisions, de chaque cadre que nous concevons, chaque composante que nous choisissons et chaque accessoire que nous développons. Liv est la marque de vélo complètement dédiée aux femmes.  

Bikes for Women

We have a team of designers and engineers who carefully craft everything specifically for women’s physiology - from frame design and stiffness, component design and selection, and positioning, the entire bike build maximizes women’s power.

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We Are Liv

We engineer bikes for women. At Liv, we’re obsessed with creating the perfect ride for women. Yes, that means matching you with your best bike size and fit, and it means maximizing your strength with women’s-specific frame and suspension tuning, and also by carefully selected components. Transparency is the best approach, so we’re sharing exactly how we create bikes for women from the ground up and why it works.

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